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February 12 2018

Review: Help I Am Being Held Prisoner by Donald E. Westlake

Help I Am Being Held Prisoner by Donald E. Westlake is a rediscovered crime classic from the MWA Grand Master returning to stores for the first time in three decades (available February 13, 2018). Hard...
January 18 2018

Crime Fiction Hall of Fame: David Goodis

Although David Goodis (1917-67) led a fascinating life (fascinating to some of us, anyway), I’m not going to spend a lot of time here discussing his personal story. Instead, I’ll focus...
January 8 2018

Crimes Against Film: Argoman, the Fantastic Superman (1967)

I’ve been writing a series of posts on Criterion Collection film releases for this site. Some of the Criterion titles I’ve covered have been things like campy romps and low-budget oddities,...
December 12 2017

Review: Le Samourai (1967)

1967 was the year of the Summer of Love, but during that year, French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville (1917-73) put together and released a movie that couldn’t have been more removed from...
October 9 2017

Page to Screen: Vampyr (1932)

I originally planned this to be a Page to Screen article comparing Carl Theodor Dreyer’s (1899-1968) 1932 horror film Vampyr with In a Glass Darkly (1872), the collection of mystery...
September 11 2017

Review: Unchained Melody: The Films of Meiko Kaji by Tom Mes

Unchained Melody: The Films of Meiko Kaji by Tom Mes traces Meiko Kaji's career from its earliest beginnings as a teen model and tomboyish basketball fanatic to her critically-lauded and versatile...
August 15 2017

Page to Screen: Hopscotch

I’m not sure if Criterion Collection is releasing a new edition of the 1980 movie Hopscotch because of the timeliness of the plot, but timely it is. A retired CIA agent who threatens to publish...
August 14 2017

Review: Low Heights by Pascal Garnier

Low Heights by Pascal Garnier, translated by Melanie Florence, is the latest Garnier novel to be translated into English and made available by Gallic Books (available August 15, 2017). As I’ve...
July 18 2017

Page to Screen: Roadside Picnic & Stalker (1979)

Some admirers of the science fiction novel Roadside Picnic, written by the brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, might feel that the book has not received the critical and popular recognition it...
July 10 2017

Page to Screen: Thieves Like Us & They Live by Night

Bonnie and Clyde (1967) might be the most well-known movie about an outlaw couple, and Gun Crazy (1950) might be the best. But the title that many credit as the original gangster couple film was...
May 25 2017

Page to Screen: Nightmare Alley

When I was around 23, I took my two nephews to a carnival in Norfolk, Virginia. I figured it would be a good time for the boys, both aged approximately nine at the time. You know—cotton candy,...
April 25 2017

Page to Screen: Rumble Fish & The Outsiders

There are those who see Francis Ford Coppola’s cinematic output as being divided into two distinct halves. According to this theory, there’s one set of his films that are of a classic...
April 3 2017

Page to Screen: Blow-Up (1966)

Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow-Up has inspired a lot of reverence. The 1959 Julio Cortázar short story that it’s drawn from certainly has its admirers, but it is less...
March 31 2017

Two Heist Stories, One Book: Lionel White’s The Snatchers and Clean Break

When I wrote an appreciation of Lionel White’s 1955 noir novel The Big Caper for my Lost Classics of Noir series on this site, I called White “the master of the heist (gone wrong) novel.”...
March 13 2017

Review: The Love Witch (2016)

One sign of a worthwhile film is that it can be experienced on different levels. This is the case with The Love Witch, the sexy horror-thriller movie that was released in late 2016 and is still...
February 21 2017

Page to Screen: Mildred Pierce

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” That oft-cited sentence from Shakespeare’s King Lear would have been well placed on an opening...
January 23 2017

Page to Screen: The Harder They Come

I’ve written many page-to-screen features for this site. In most of those cases, my pieces have been odes to particular films on which I think it’s worth shining a light, with some...
December 15 2016

Another Kind of Christmas Movie: Lady in the Lake (1947)

It’s a long stretch to call Lady in the Lake—the dark suspense film from 1947 that Robert Montgomery directed and starred in—a Christmas movie. But, you know, I’m not much...
December 13 2016

Revisiting The Asphalt Jungle (1950)

Criterion Collection’s new Blu-Ray edition of the 1950 film noir title The Asphalt Jungle gives me a prompt to write about what I (and many others) consider to be one of the greatest crime/suspense...
October 11 2016

Review: It’s All One Case: The Illustrated Ross Macdonald Archives

It's All One Case: The Illustrated Ross Macdonald Archives is a prose series of unpublished interviews with, and a visual retrospective of, the seminal mid-to-late 20th-century literary crime writer,...
September 27 2016

Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls: Revisiting a Wild 1970s Film

Criterion’s new Blu-Ray edition of Russ Meyer’s 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls gives me a prompt to write about a movie that I treasure. I could try to describe how much I...
September 14 2016

Review: The Eskimo Solution by Pascal Garnier

The Eskimo Solution by Pascal Garnier is a crime novel that finds reality and fiction overlapping for an author's stay in Normandy. Pascal Garnier (1949-2010) has become one of my favorite writers—not...
August 23 2016

Page to Screen: Woman in the Dunes by Kōbō Abe

When I read that Criterion Collection was releasing a new Blu-Ray edition of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s 1964 film Woman in the Dunes, I tracked down and read the 1962 novel by Kōbō Abe on which...
August 11 2016

Review: A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto

A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto is a Japanese psychological thriller that dissects Japanese society (Available in English translation August 16, 2016). Originally published in Japanese in 1975...
July 26 2016

Carnival of Souls: The Unlikely Masterpiece

It’s hard to know where to begin in writing about Carnival of Souls, the eerie cult classic horror film from 1962, which has just been given the Criterion Collection treatment in a new Blu-Ray...
July 22 2016

Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is a scientific thriller that explores the idea of multiple universes (Available July 26, 2016). At some point, in most of our lives, we make a decision or two that shapes...
July 21 2016

10 Essential Giallo Films

There are a few very general things in common between Italian giallo films and the pinky violence cinematic fare from Japan that I overviewed in a recent post. See also: Pinky Violence Both...
June 1 2016

Page to Screen: In a Lonely Place

I am approaching this post on In a Lonely Place as a page-to-screen piece, where I’ll compare notes on the novel of that title and the movie that goes by the same name. But really, there’s...
May 5 2016

Pinky Violence

Two disclaimers to open this post on the Pinky Violence film genre: I haven’t seen every movie that could be classified within the category. Depending on which list you’re looking...
April 1 2016

Fresh Meat: Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier, translated by Emily Boyce

Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier is a tale of retirement and calm domesticity, with a hint of menace about to explode (Available in ebook format today, and in paperback on June 14, 2016). I’ve...