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November 9 2017

The Prequel to Mindhunter: How Dr. James Brussell Created the World of Criminal Profiling

Read Michael Cannell's exclusive guest post about Dr. James Brussell, the psychiatrist who pioneered criminal profiling, then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to...
April 20 2017

Mapping the Mad Bomber of New York City

Especially prescient in today’s times, Michael Cannell's Incendiary whisks us through the streets of Manhattan—to Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station, Radio City Music Hall—where...
February 21 2015

Fresh Meat: Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer is the fifth installment in The Clifton Chronicles (available February 24, 2015). This is Jeffrey Archer’s fifth entry in the Clifton Chronicles and...
February 11 2015

Mother Threatens To Blow Up High School

A Staten Island mother has been arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up her daughter’s high school after the teen failed a major state exam, according to the New York Post. Karen...
November 5 2014

Jumping Beans Cause Bomb Scare

A report of a “ticking” package phoned in Saturday by a postal worker in Carlsbad, California turned out to be something no one would have expected. When the package was opened, the...
September 19 2014

Fresh Meat: To Dwell in Darkness by Deborah Crombie

To Dwell in Darkness by Deborah Crombie is the 16th mystery in the Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series (available September 23, 2014). To Dwell in Darkness is a powerful story that forcefully...
August 27 2014

Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Causes Bomb Scare

An old plastic lightsaber toy left on the side of the road in Alaska caused a bit of a bomb scare, prompting local police to call in their bomb expert. Last week, an unidentified resident became...
September 23 2013

Fresh Meat: Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier

Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier is the twentieth in the cozy mystery series featuring Lucy Stone of Tinker’s Cove, Maine (available September 24, 2013). I love Christmas and I love...
August 2 2013

Bad Boys as Rock Stars

So the latest issue of Rolling Stone arrived in the mail not too long ago.  You know the one I’m talking about—it’s the issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston Marathon...
October 3 2012

Fresh Meat: Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen

Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen is an international terrorist thriller (available October 16, 2012). Travel is a key element of the suspense novel, Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen, and I promise...
September 23 2011

Justice Desserts: Sweets-Only Last Suppers

Who among us hasn’t seen something sweet and gooey on a restaurant menu and thought about skipping the meal and going straight to dessert? The problem is, that type of unhealthy dining would make...