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December 28 2017

The Romanian Connection: The Kunsthal Rotterdam Heist

PART I: THE HEIST At 3:20 a.m. on October 16, 2012, the Trigion Security control center dispatched two guards to investigate an alarm trip at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam’s Museumpark. While...
July 4 2017

An Artistic Debut: Reviewing SoHo Sins by Richard Vine

SoHo Sins by Richard Vine is an intriguing debut novel about the underworld of the New York art scene (now available in paperback!). Read David Cranmer's review of SoHo Sins by Richard Vine,...
June 15 2017

The Fall of the House of Knoedler

Knoedler & Company began in 1846 as the Manhattan outpost of the French printmaker Goupil et Cie. It was America’s first storefront art gallery; it predated the Metropolitan Museum of...
March 30 2017

Operation Antiquity: From Thailand with Love

A crowd gathered outside the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, on the morning of January 24, 2008. They weren’t museum junkies; they were federal agents raiding the place. By the end...
February 9 2017

Gray Market: Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor

Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor brings together the author’s direct experience from both fields to present an accessible, informative, and realistic overview of art crimes in...
October 27 2016

Van Gogh Goes to Italy: Oil and Cocaine Do Mix

In December 2002, two burglars broke into the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They didn’t use helicopters or lasers or any of the stuff art thieves use in the movies; they climbed a...
July 7 2016

Elementary, Rembrandt: Reviewing The Scientist and the Forger by Dr. Jehane Ragai

The Scientist and the Forger by Dr. Jehane Ragai outlines the advanced forensic techniques being developed to help thwart art forgery. If you’ve watched CSI or any of the other TV forensic...
May 5 2016

Psycho Gets the Andy Warhol Treatment

What have you done, mother!? Is there a more iconic scene than the shower stabbing in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960)? Is there a more iconic art piece that Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe...
December 16 2015

The ZINNG: Christ, Crime, and Cash

Aryan Art? A bizarre lawsuit has been filed against the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. The New York Post reports that 33-year-old Justin Renel Joseph is suing The Met for their “offensive...
December 2 2015

Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind: Real Life Isn’t Like the Neatly Rounded Narratives of Fiction

This original blog post by author Anne Charnock is part 1 of a 2 part series including an exclusive Q&A featuring questions from YOU, the readers. To win a copy of Anne's new book Sleeping...
July 16 2015

Crime Through Time: Marc A. Hermann’s NYC Photo Mashups

It's been said that you can never truly outrun the past, and photographer Marc A. Hermann has used that notion as inspiration in his “Then and Now” series where archived photos...
June 11 2015

Orson Welles at 100: F for Fake (1973)

Every film that Orson Welles made was distinctively an Orson Welles movie. Even something like The Stranger, which was Welles’s one attempt to make a standard studio film, still ends up looking...
May 15 2015

Fresh Meat: Vanishing by Gerard Woodward

Vanishing by Gerard Woodward is a historical mystery set in the years leading up to WWII where an artist is found painting a landscape of a new airport, and his motives are questioned (available May...
Laura Lebow
March 19 2015

Throwing Antonio Salieri to the Wolves: Mozart’s Alleged Murder

Every fan of Wolfgang Mozart has heard the story—how in the fall of 1791, the 35-year old composer, depressed, and overworked, confessed to his wife Constanze that he believed that he was...
January 31 2015

So Close to Freedom: Visiting Alcatraz

Alcatraz, that most famous of American correctional facilities, has been a national park longer than it was a Federal prison. It housed Federal inmates from 1933 to 1963, a mere 30 years. The island’s...
January 6 2015

A Sprawling Tribute to the Pre-Google Days

Here at Criminal Element, we're suckers for some cool looking book-art, and the newest piece by book artist Guy Laramée has our jaws on the floor. Carved from a 24-volume Encyclopedia...
November 17 2014

Fresh Meat: The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg is the third globetrotting mystery in the Fox and O'Hare sereis featuring the unlikely pair of FBI Agent Kate O'Hare and professional thief Nick Fox...
November 13 2014

House Damaged by Sharknado? Not Quite!

This house, which is now for rent in Headington, a suburb outside of Oxford, can be yours for only $3,500 a month as long as you don't mind living with a shark as one of your housemates! This...
November 9 2014

Fresh Meat: The Art of Robert E. McGinnis by Robert E. McGinnis and Art Scott

The Art of Robert E. McGinnis by Robert E. McGinnis and Art Scott is a coffee-table book that highlights the illustrious career of one of America's most recognizable artists (available November...
October 14 2014

Cosplaying the Field at New York Comic Con 2014

New York Comic Con took to New York City's Javit's Center from October 9th through the 12th. Although the thousands of people who turned up arrived for a variety of reasons, one thing was...
July 18 2014

Pulling Up a Seat from Shakespeare to Sherlock: London’s New Literary Benches

From Shakespeare to Sherlock, Hercule Poirot to James Bond, London has always had a rich literary history. And now you can sit on it! Thanks to The National Literacy Trust, along with its public...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
June 12 2014

Putting a Price on Holmes

If you could put a dollar value on your passion for Sherlock Holmes, what would it be? In the neighborhood of $250,000 to $350,000? Then you might be in luck. That’s the estimated price for...
June 5 2014

Power is a Fragile Thing: Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For Trailer and Storyboard Art Released!

The Sin City films have all the attention to detail, grit, and striking art that made the comics so good. What could make the release of Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For trailer even better? Why...
May 23 2014

Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell

Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by P. Craig Russell is a graphic novel adapted from Gaiman's short story by the same name about the very first murder ever. Can I tell you a...
March 4 2014

Fresh Meat: City of Darkness and Light by Rhys Bowen

City of Darkness and Light by Rhys Bowen, the thirteenth novel in the Molly Murphy historical series, follows the young mother to Paris in 1905, where she loses track of friends and stumbles onto a...
February 28 2014

The Stuff of Nightmares: Artist Brings Children’s Fears to Life

Here, we sometimes talk about very nightmare-enducing topics. However, artist Joshia Hoffine is spending much of 2014 bringing those nightmares to life. The above picture is from a series of photoshoots...
April 8 2013

What You Don’t Know About Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is not a guy you’d normally associate with giggles, but his “Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette” is an exception. He painted the skull realistically and without...
March 6 2013

What’s in Your Museum?

“95 percent of all antiquities in the U.S. have been smuggled.” —John Cooney, former curator of ancient art, Cleveland Museum of Art Our story begins with a pot and a pig. In...
February 20 2013

Teasing Trance

Lots of buzz recently about the trailer for Trance, Danny Boyle’s new art heist movie starring James McAvoy as an art thief who’s stolen a painting and then, thanks to a blow to the head,...
February 13 2013

True Crime? The Curious Case of Remy Couture

You may or may not be aware of this case so let me start with a brief recap: Remy Couture is a special effects artist here in my hometown of Montreal. His speciality is crime and (mostly) gore....