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May 5 2017

Bosch: A Novel Approach to Mystery Television

Bosch has transformed television mystery. For the first time, viewers can experience the closest approximation to a mystery novel as is possible on screen. The pacing, development of the characters,...
January 31 2017

Hellish Nature: Exploring the Mythology of Lucifer, Episode 2.13: “A Good Day to Die”

We’ve finally gone (back) to hell! The last time was at the end of Season 1 where Lucifer discovers Mum has escaped. Now, more exciting, we get to see Lucifer brave hell in order to save...
January 24 2017

Playing God: Exploring the Mythology in Lucifer, Episode 2.12: “Love Handles”

Ah, the dream tease. Lucifer’s writers are clearly having fun teasing us with Lucifer’s and Chloe’s dream, but it also serves to kick off the underlying struggle of the entire...
January 17 2017

Unworthy: Exploring the Mythology of Lucifer, Episode 2.11: “Stewardess Interruptus”

The Lucifer hiatus has ended, and we can finally get back to our favorite devil. This episode is pretty low-key when it comes to the mythology, but we still have an opportunity to explore the episode’s...
November 29 2016

The Devil’s Truths: Exploring the Mythology of Lucifer, Episode 2.10: “Quid Pro Ho”

Well, it’s nice to see Amenadiel swoop in and convince Mum not to detonate the bomb, thus saving Chloe. He did so by laying hard truths on her, which is the central theme of the entire episode....
November 22 2016

Evicting the Devil: Exploring the Mythology of Lucifer, Episode 2.09: “Homewrecker”

Last week, Lucifer dropped the bomb that Earth was his home all along—a revelation that Mum eagerly wanted to exploit—and this week, we see Lucifer struggling to hold onto that home...
November 15 2016

Death’s Blade: Exploring the Mythology Behind Lucifer, Episode 2.08: “Trip to Stabby Town”

The sword of Azrael returns this week, but angelic weaponry is nothing new to the Bible. In fact, the first appearance of such is at the end of the Garden of Eden story when God “placed the...
November 8 2016

A Worthy and Otherworldly Adversary: Exploring the Mythology of Lucifer, Episode 2.07: “My Little Monkey”

In many ways, last night’s Lucifer was a continuation of the previous episode where Lucifer revealed his true identity. Now, he’s realized, “Being me seems to be a problem, doesn’t...
November 4 2016

Infernal Origins: Exploring the Mythology of Inferno

In Inferno, we once again have Dr. Robert Langdon using obscure knowledge about literature, history, and art to solve puzzles. And with this go around, we focus on the works of Dante Alighieri,...
November 3 2016

Demons Within: Exploring the Mythology of Angels & Demons

Angels are quickly and visibly present in Angels & Demons through the use of statues, but the demons are much more subtle. The first clue is not in the film, but is present on the cover of...
November 2 2016

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: Exploring the Mythology Behind The DaVinci Code

With the final film in the Robert Langdon trilogy, Inferno, hitting theaters recently, we thought it'd be apt to explore the history and mythology of a series so steeped in it. Over the course...
November 1 2016

Seeing the Real Lucifer: Exploring the Mythology Behind Episode 2.06: “Monster”

Last night’s Lucifer gave us a glimpse of Lucifer without the mask. However, descriptions of Lucifer don’t come easily. In fact, the only descriptions within the Bible are reserved...
October 25 2016

Angel Throwdown: The Mythology Behind Lucifer, Episode 2.05: “Weaponizer”

This episode quickly escalates with the appearance of Uriel. Mythologically, Uriel has many titles and is attributed with many different roles, including being the angel that guarded against Adam...
October 18 2016

Maze Gets Hammered: Exploring the Mythology Behind Lucifer, Episode 2.04: “Lady Parts”

Finally, we can delve into Maze. I’ve been itching to look more closely at this wonderful character, and she finally opened the door. During the epic girls’ night out, Maze tells us...
October 11 2016

Lucifer’s Punishments: The Mythology Behind Episode 2.03: “Sin Eater”

This week’s Lucifer focuses on the idea of punishment and manages to encompass all the main characters in the theme while also bringing in a startling mythological revelation about a part...
October 4 2016

Mum’s Manipulations: The Mythology behind Lucifer, Episode 2.02: “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire”

The episode picks up right where the first one ended, with Lucifer’s Mum. This time, however, we get her point of view, as her celestial being inhabits various recently deceased bodies. This...
September 22 2016

The Case for Cultural Appropriation & Assimilation in Kevin Smith’s Dogma

Kevin Smith’s Dogma is a biting and insightful look at many mythologies and modern religions. And while some of it is a little sharp, there is insight in its critique as well. Smith attempts...
September 20 2016

Lucifer’s Family Problems: The Mytholgy Behind Episode 2.01, “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”

The Season 2 premiere of Lucifer had to cover some interesting ground after last season. Season 1 left us with a couple of major revelations. First, Lucifer has a mother. Second, she had been condemned...
September 12 2016

Fox’s Lucifer and the Free Will of Angels

The show Lucifer begins with a major yet subtle assumption regarding angels that has far-reaching effects. Angels in the Bible are often depicted as servants of God, carrying out specific tasks...
August 25 2016

The Problem with the Vampires in Blade

Blade is one of the older successful superhero films, appearing at a time when people had renewed interest in vampires. But, there has always been one thing that bothered me about the portrayal...
August 16 2016

Exploring the Religion of Game of Thrones Part II: The Fire and Ice Gods

It’s no secret that George R. R. Martin examined several religions and mythologies when creating his world in the series A Song of Ice and Fire—and the Game of Thrones HBO series. What...
August 9 2016

Exploring the Religion of Game of Thrones Part I: The Old Gods

The Old Gods in George R. R. Martin’s series are based on an interesting blend of the faerie and Norse mythology. While two different mythological cosmologies, the blending makes a great...