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June 19 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.08: “Come to Jesus” Review

The season finale sees the long overdue returns of Anansi and Bilquis. While Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) is tailoring suits for big cheese Wednesday (Ian McShane) and his henchman Shadow (Ricky Whittle),...
June 12 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.07: “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” Review

At the Ibis and Jacquel funeral home, the bodies are piling up and keeping the godly duo busy. But Jacquel notes Ibis’s fingers are itching to return to writing and excuses his partner to...
June 5 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.06: “A Murder of Gods” Review

The Coming to America segments have been my personal favorites thus far in the first season of American Gods, so much so that they often steal the show. But what a disappointment this week’s...
May 29 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.05: “Lemon Scented You” Review

Without exception, the opening vignettes to American Gods are mini-masterpieces destined to be viewed time and again as inquiring minds seek to know more about these nearly forgotten fables—expect...
May 22 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.04: “Git Gone” Review

Every episode of American Gods has ended with me longing for more. All the Coming to America vignettes have been pitch perfect and the acting top-notch across the board, but if I hadn't read...
May 16 2017

Vote for Your Favorite God from American Gods

    Don’t see your favorite god listed? Tell us who your favorite is in the comments below!
May 15 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.03: “Head Full of Snow” Review

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is a masterpiece of early 21st-century works, and a big reason for this triumph is the seemingly disjointed threads that make up the narrative—specifically...
May 8 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.02: “The Secret of Spoons” Review

Another commendable “Coming to America” opening as Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) makes his appearance, in 1697, in the belly of a Dutch slave ship bound for the New World as Anansi, a trickster...
May 1 2017

Page to Screen: American Gods 1.01: “The Bone Orchard” Review

For many centuries, immigrants to America brought their gods with them. Once upon a time, these immortals were all-powerful, commanding unrivaled veneration. But now, in this modern age where fickle...
April 11 2017

Which Neil Gaiman Novel Is Your Favorite?

  Let us know what you chose and why in the comments below!