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April 6 2015

Video Games: Training for Psychopaths... Maybe Saints?

In Norway, a high school teacher is using video games to teach ethical frameworks, reports Laura Hudson for FiveThirtyEight: The first time I played the “Walking Dead” video game,...
November 25 2014

Could You Survive in Westeros? Game of Thrones Video Game Will Let You Know

A teaser trailer for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series debuted this week, and it has us all asking the same question: could we not only survive, but also thrive, in Westeros? Players...
October 14 2014

Cosplaying the Field at New York Comic Con 2014

New York Comic Con took to New York City's Javit's Center from October 9th through the 12th. Although the thousands of people who turned up arrived for a variety of reasons, one thing was...
April 16 2014

The Apocalypse’s Children: The Walking Dead Meets The Last of Us

One of the most gripping elements, at least for me, is the vulnerability of the children and the lengths to which the adults will go to keep these kids alive – a theme that was front and...
September 25 2013

The Digital Detective: Nancy Drew Video Games

She is the undisputed Queen of Girl Sleuths, the Uber-Goddess with a roadster, so it should be no surprise that the Nancy Drew Mystery Games by Her Interactive, truly truly have no peer in the realm. And...
September 13 2013

Grand Theft Auto Steals Some Famous Voice Talent

Grand Theft Auto has gotten some major flack over the years for its portrayal of illegal activities and rampant imagery of violence, especially against women. However, September 17 will mark the release...
August 7 2013

Video Games and The Digital Detective

Now let’s be clear what I mean by “Video Games” here. I’m not talking about MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) like World of Warcraft. For me, its the MM...
March 9 2013

The Evolution of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is more than 80 years old but she is still going strong.  The titian-haired wonder has been the subject of movies, TV series, hardback books, soft cover, and even graphic novels. Former...
March 3 2013

Interactive Fiction: Now You’re the Detective

I’m one of those people who shouts at a book when a character does something stupid or ignores a vital clue. I will smack the page with a “No, you idiot, the lamp. Look at the lamp. Don’t...
January 17 2013

Man Hires “Assassins” to Kill Son in Video Game

A man in China hired assassins to kill his son. Oh, don't worry, it was just his gaming avatar in a series of online video games. The man, identified in foreign press simply as “Mr. Feng,”...
December 30 2012

Sunday Funnies: The Chase

What do you get when you cross Hot Wheels, computers, and a car chase that would make Michael Bay drool? Why, you get the animated-short film The Chase by Philippe Gamer. It has everything, ridiculous...
December 20 2012

Quickdraw: Internet Movie Firearms Database?

Ever wonder what gun was used in your favorite film or TV show? Do you ever wish you were that person who knew the 1874 gun couldn’t have been used in that movie that took place in 1850?...
November 15 2012

Dirty Secret or Best Ad Ever? Mature Librarian, Video Game Fanatic...

I’m going to lay my dirty little secret right out there; I love video games. Since I am a woman of a certain age, and a librarian, most people react with shock and astonishment. I can hear the...