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September 5 2015

The ZINNG: Litterbook, Convention Prep, and Literary Feasts

Who threw over 600 books in total from his vehicle onto Colorado highways—would you believe it was a bookseller?! With upcoming conferences, not to mention Halloween, you may want to...
February 23 2015

This Head in a Jar Can Be Yours!

Whether to reinforce dieting aims or for sheer delight, who doesn't want their stainless steel or custom hardwood-veneer built-in fridge to boast a head in a jar? (I hear the Evans now have...
January 9 2015

What is it About Legos that Screams Death?

The memento mori continues to be updated for our times. This Lego video pierces us with the painful truth behind our entire existence, not just when stepping on one in bare feet. The School...
September 23 2014

Knitting for Psychos

This is our idea of a holiday bizarre: gruesome violence depicted in cuddly yarn crafting! We're, um, informing you in advance, because handmade gifts are really so meaningful... All projects...
August 4 2014

A New Masterpiece Thanks to An Artist’s Bloody Chainsaw...and a Death Star

We've posted on thrift-store paintings enhanced by monsters, but Canadian artist David Irvine tosses in superheroes, villains, and pop culture icons, among other provocations. Cheaters...
February 7 2014

So You Want to Be a Supervillan: Maxi-Lair or Mini-Lair?

You must decide if you'll be a truly super villain! Should you go for the mobile 600-foot self-sufficient traveling lair, a projection of gut-rumbling diabolical potential with the huge attendant...
February 1 2014

Fresh Meat: Death of an Irish Diva by Mollie Cox Bryan

Death of an Irish Diva by Mollie Cox Bryan is the third in the Cumberland Creek series featuring a small town's residents (and scrapbookers) dealing with a dance teacher's death and one backyard's...
January 28 2014

Now Win This!: Early Bird Sweeptakes

Register to enter for a chance to win a seven-book bundle, including advance copies you’re dying to read and brand-new releases! Click here to enter for a chance to win! This is NOT a...
November 28 2013

Deadly Nightshade in the Cranberry Sauce?

Chewing like this guy, you'll always notice the difference, not to mention avoiding a holiday Heimlich marathon. Knitting artist and rescue enthusiast Katie Bradley of Vancouver, Washington...
November 18 2013

Thrift Store Landscape Paintings Improved by Monsters

  Paintings at thrift stores get a bad rap, possibly because they're the kind of things people wanted rid of enough to donate. (Hey, the donors could have burned them or turned them...
September 11 2013

Fresh Meat: Designed to Death by Christina Freeburn

Designed to Death by Christina Freeburn is the second cozy mystery in the funny Faith Hunter Scrap This series set in Eden, West Virginia (available September 10, 2013). I don’t know if there...
August 29 2013

Fresh Meat: Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan

Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan is the debut cozy mystery of the Amish Quilt Shop series, set in Ohio and featuring shop owner Angie Braddock (available September 3, 2013). Angela “Angie”...
July 11 2013

The Amanita Meowscaria: Deadly Levels of Cuteness

We're *kilt dead* by this incredible crocheted mushroom costume for a teeny, tiny kitten who needed some constrainting during the tube feeding required after her rescue. Hat tips: Huffington Post,...
June 19 2013

Welcome to the Dollhouse of Horrors

Not every little girl dreams of a prince. Not every little girl plays with Barbie™. And not every dollhouse family is functional. If your dollhouse is a 1:12-scale house of horrors, it's...
June 8 2013

Undercover Artist: Katie Stainer and her Bibliophilic Origami

As a child, I used to make “fortune tellers” out of a square of paper – remember them? It was my only real experience of what I now know is called origami. And if that word has conjured...
May 30 2013

The BeSSSt Python Cake From An Ophidiophobic Baker

Francesca Pitcher of the UK’s North Star Cakes is a very talented sculptor and baker, but more than that, a very generous mom. We know this, because she faced her own deep fear of snakes, using...
May 29 2013

Custom Action Figures

Evil Dead, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, Alien...all kinds of movies outside the realm of the kid-oriented get the action figure treatment at Old Colony Hobbies. He also does vintage-style backing...
May 21 2013

Memento Mori: Abandoned Victorian Lego Houses

Artist Mike Doyle is a genius in Lego, and this piece from his Abandoned Houses Series is all and only Lego, no foreign materials, paint, glue, screws, or altered blocks. It was created over 600 hours...
May 13 2013

Undercover Artist: Kate Bufton, Transformer of Books

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well with Kate Bufton that is certainly true! She sees books as much more than a mere storage area for words and ideas, but as the starting point...
April 22 2013

Up for Auction: Solid Gold Skeleton

Doesn’t that just make your heart sing? On April 29, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off “The Rouchomovsky Skeleton.” According to the catalog, this fully articulated gold...
April 17 2013

Undercover Artist: Jodie Rogers, Sewn By The Sea

Most arts and crafts are a mystery to me, but there are plenty of folk out there who are putting their talents to good use. And when their work includes old books, then I’m definitely hooked! Upcycler...
April 5 2013

Undercover Artist: Louise Firchau, the Paper Panda

Books. They take us to places we never dreamt of going; introduce us to people we may love or loathe; inspire, educate, thrill, and move us. They may also provide a starting point for great artwork—and...
February 27 2013

Tentacle Pot Pie . . . Definitely Not Martha!

Perhaps you’ve read about the rain of spiders in Brazil and you’d like to celebrate. Or perhaps you just have picky eater kids you’re trying to please. Either way, these tentacle...
February 4 2013

Vintage (Coffee) Mug Shots: A Cupboard Full of Criminals

The mugs are handsome. The mug shots on them, maybe not so much. But if you’ve always wanted your own rogues’ gallery of vintage criminals, cdandc’s Zazzle store has your chance...
December 24 2012

High Caliber Jewelry

What happens to the guns collected in buybacks? To the shell casings collected at crime scenes after their use as evidence has expired? If you’re Jewelry for a Cause’s Jessica Mindich, you...
December 4 2012

Edinburgh’s Mysterious Paper Sculptures

According to, “an anonymous artist has covertly delivered ten paper sculptures to Scottish cultural institutions since March 2011.” The sculptures themselves are wonderful,...
November 27 2012

The Un-Cuff Link

*WARNING: The use of this product under some circumstances may result in you being shot.* That’s the phrase that made us look twice. Because, seriously, how could you not? These look...
November 21 2012

The Biblio-Mat: Automation Adds Mystery to Book Buying. Really!

Via NPR: Stephen Fowler is a used book seller and owner of The Monkey’s Paw in Toronto, which specializes in the “old and unusual.” He and his wife came up with an alternative to the...
November 19 2012

Oh, the Weather Outside is . . . Forceful?

As the weather turns foul and you’re looking for more indoor activities, perhaps you’d consider cutting some innovative paper snowflakes? Both last year and this year, Anthony Herrera...
November 2 2012

One Squash Isn’t Feeling Real Thankful

If the, um, Big Day is past, why does this squash still look so hungry for treats? Perhaps he isn’t really evil. Maybe he was just carved that way. Still, if deep down, he’s okay,...