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April 27 2012

Zombies, She Wrote: Win this Jessica Fletcher Undead Mash-Up!

Despite the indisputable visual evidence of our Sherlock and Justified zombie mash-ups, some people will still claim that certain things don’t mix. Ah, but the heady thrill of challenge is...
April 24 2012

Now Win This!: The Joe Ledger/Echo Team Sweepstakes

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers! Click here to enter for a chance to win! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT...
April 23 2012

International Zombie of Mystery: Undead Without Borders

We’ve talked about various kinds of zombies here at Criminal Element, and it would be remiss of us to leave out the international zombie. Now the zombie craze isn’t solely a American thing. Though...
April 21 2012

More Bang for your Zombie Buck: An Undead Primer

Okay, so for the past month Criminal Element has been talking zombies. We’ve visited the shambling dead’s humble beginnings and talked about what makes them better than Dracula, we’ve even gathered...
April 20 2012

Givens and Grimes Gear Up for Zombies: Win This Creepy Mash-Up!

Two great shows. Two great characters. In this week’s fan-tabulous artistic mash-up from Andy Hunter at Draw2D2 we have RG-squared. Raylan Givens of Justified and Rick Grimes of The Walking...
April 19 2012

My First Undead Love: How I Fell for the Horror Genre

Even as a very young child, I had a morbid sensibility.  This may have had something to do with my granddad on my father’s side; his idea of a good bedtime story for me and my sister at ages...
April 17 2012

Now Win This!: The Straight Up Zombie Sweepstakes

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers! Click here to enter for a chance to win! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT...
April 16 2012

Earworm: Zombie Jail Edition

You know zombies really do come in all forms. We have books, movies, tv shows, and even music. Yes music. Now one of my personal favorites is a little diddy called “Move Your Dead Bones” which features...
April 14 2012

Undead Quiz: What Kind of Monster Are You?

Give CrimeHQ’s Undead Quiz on Facebook a few minutes and a few honest answers, and you’ll be able to identify the specific brand of darkness lurking within you! But will you be brave enough...
April 13 2012

Sherlock, John, the Zombie Horde...Win and Hang Them All!

Friday the 13th could prove lucky for you! Sure, there’s intentional crossover between crime and horror, but during Undead April, we thought it would be grody-good fun to combine zombies...
April 12 2012

Could You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s a tough question, but one all of us should be prepared to answer, and seeing how it is Undead April here at CrimeHQ, there is no time like the present.   There are several tools available—ranging...
April 11 2012

Seeking a Luxury Condo for the End of the World?: Kansas Developer Selling Doomsday Condos

If you’re worried about the end of the world like half of America seems to be, fear not! For the price of a paltry few million dollars, you too can own an end of the world luxury condo. No, we’re...
April 9 2012

Shaking Off the Cobwebs of the Crypt: The Evolution of the Zombie

Stop an average stranger on the street and ask them what a zombie is. Chances are they’ll give you a strange look. And then say that a zombie is a flesh-eating monster. They’d only be half right. What...
April 9 2012

Real Life Mad-Science: Crimes Against Nature

Zombies are all horrible fantasy right? Ever since George Romero shambled his way into our hearts, they’ve been a staple. But just like any good science fiction, there’s a little bit of reality.  Combining...
April 6 2012

Zombie Cute...Win This Crocheted Doll of the Undead!

You’d think zombies would all be scary, right? Well, such is not the case. All you have to do is search zombies on Etsy, or pop over to the CrimeHQ Zombies! Pinterest board, where we’ve been collecting...
April 4 2012

Crime and Horror: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

When a crime is committed a balance is upset and with that comes a sense of unease and perhaps even dread, especially if the perpetrator of the crime renains at large. It’s like a monster has been...
April 3 2012

Now Win This!: John Ajvide Lindqvist Undead Prize Package

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers! You may first have heard of this Swedish author because of his 1980’s vampire tale Let the...
April 2 2012

Who are the Go-To Bad Guys of Crime Fiction?

There was I was, sitting in my latest favorite bar in the city, Held Up in Traffic, when the door opened and in walked a Russian secret agent, an old mobster, and a Nazi zombie. Yeah, I know. Sounds...
April 2 2012

Kitten Faces Shambling Menace with Nobility: Undead April’s First Victim?

So brave! *sniff, sniff* As of yesterday, we’re officially celebrating paranormal crime crossovers with Undead April at Criminal Element, and this may be our first, adorable casualty.
April 1 2012

Welcome to Undead April at Criminal Element!

No Foolin’!  All April long—in addition to keeping our beady eyes on crime stories as usual—we’ll be shining a black light on crime that’s not just cross-over, it’s crossed over! ...