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September 30 2016

The 12 Best Book to Film Adaptations

Read this exclusive guest post from Jon Land, author of Strong Cold Dead, and make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win the latest Caitlin Strong novel, a bookmark, and...
June 2 2016

Serial Killer Calling Cards

Serial killers, for better or for worse, are some of the more infamous characters in history. As fascination mixes with fear, the gruesome and torturous killings become the stuff of nightmares....
May 26 2016

Headlines to Book Spines: Real-Life Crimes Inspire Your Favorite Mystery Novels

Read this exclusive guest post from Rachel Howzell Hall, author of the Detective Elouise Norton Mystery series, discussing how real-life crimes have inspired many of her novels, and then make...
July 30 2015

A Brit’s 400-mile Road Trip Hunting American Crime

Road trip – had to be a winner, right? As a kid growing up in the narrow streets of northern England, I knew America as surely as I knew the grey concrete of my own back yard. For years,...
July 3 2015

Hannibal 3.05: “Contorno” Means Accompaniment

Casually, contorno is a “side dish,” but that phrase isn't reverent enough for Hannibal 3.05's ode to accompanying women. I've pointed out other instances in which the women...
May 27 2015

A Taste of Hannibal’s Season 3!

Get a taste of the Season 3 trailer for Hannibal!  Purely from later events, Thomas Harris fans already know Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) must have survived the bloodbath at Hannibal's to catch...
February 22 2015

Fresh Meat: The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes

The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes is the third book starring forensic psychologist Alice Quentin who heads to a psychiatric prison to interview an inmate (available February 24, 2015). It’s...
October 3 2014

Villains in Fact and Fiction

The world changed seismically for thrillers on 9/11.  All of a sudden, the dastardly plots and cunning villains that had been a staple of the genre dating back to Ian Fleming had been outdone...
August 26 2014

Before Hannibal Lecter, There was Thomas Bishop: Shane Stevens’ Forgotten Killer

Credit for the serial killer subgenre usually goes to Thomas Harris. However, two years before Harris introduced us to Hannibal Lecter, Shane Stevens wrote about Thomas Bishop in By Reason of Insanity,...
April 6 2013

Hannibal Pilot: “Apértif”

I eagerly awaited Hannibal with the hopefulness of a child at Christmas. And did I get what I wanted? Let’s see… Let me speak about the opening scene for a moment, if you will....
April 2 2013

Our First Taste of NBC’s Hannibal

At CrimeHQ, we got an early chance to see the premiere of the new crime series Hannibal, premiering Thursday, April 4. The series is positioned as a prequel, set much earlier than when we joined retired...
March 16 2013

Criminal Profiling and the Art of Fictioning the Facts

As far as I can tell, most stories are crime stories. Sure, there are some romances where nothing but hearts are stolen, and you can get a good way through the picture book section of the library before...
February 19 2013

Is NBC’s Hannibal “Following” the Leader?

Watch this trailer and see! Okay, okay—it’s not a completely fair question, since both NBC’s Hannibal and Fox’s The Following (which we’re currently recapping) were announced...
November 29 2012

The Butler Did It: Mystery Novels, Adaptations, and the Question of Spoilers

In the past month or so, to much local acclaim, two Australian telemovies based on mystery novels by Golden Dagger-winner Peter Temple introduced an interested populace to former criminal lawyer and...
November 6 2012

Silence! Put the Effing Lotion in the Basket

Needless to say, not safe for tender ears. This brilliant piece is from Silence! The Musical by Jon and Al Kaplan, and is animated with Legos by Pete Levin. If you live in L.A. or NYC, you...
September 12 2012

Fresh Meat: Psychos: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen, and the Criminally Insane, edited by John Skipp

Psychos: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen, and the Criminally Insane, edited by John Skipp, is a crime anthology featuring stories by master storytellers including Neil Gaiman, Lawrence Block, and Ray...
July 18 2012

Directing Dynamos: Michael Mann vs. William Friedkin

Two of the best directors for crime fans are William Friedkin and Michael Mann. Hollywood in the ’8os wasn’t big enough for the both of them. Between them, they brough us what would be (in...
May 30 2012

Nibbling on Reacher, Hatfield, and Starling

We’ve got a few nibbles of news to share: 1) They’re not calling the new movie based upon Lee Child’s novels One Shot anymore. They’re calling it Jack Reacher. Makes sense to us. Star Tom...
April 4 2012

Crime and Horror: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

When a crime is committed a balance is upset and with that comes a sense of unease and perhaps even dread, especially if the perpetrator of the crime renains at large. It’s like a monster has been...
February 20 2012

Hannibal Lecter, TV Star?

Ever find yourself wondering, “Where could I possibly get more of that homicidal mad man I love, Hannibal Lecter?” I know I do.  Good news for all the fans of Thomas Harris’s...
November 7 2011

Most Excellent Investigators: The Better Casting Decisions

Here on Criminal Element there’s been talk about horrific casting decisions (Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher) and ones that make you go “hmm” (Jason Statham as Richard Stark’s Parker), but there’s...
October 22 2011

All Hallow’s Read: Criminal Element’s Picks

Last year author Neil Gaiman decided that people should give away books more often. Instead of  competing with the gift-giving craze of the winter holidays, he began the idea of All Hollow’s...
September 28 2011

Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs. Baddest Thriller Heroes: First Round, Part 2

This is the third installment in our Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs Baddest Thriller Heroes.  In the intro, you learned the rules and met the contestants.  In Part 1 of the First...
September 26 2011

Death Brackets: The Contest and The Contestants

Mysteries and thrillers, by nature, are populated by tough guys. Detectives who hunt down serial killers. Spies who uncover dangerous traitors. Assassins who take out the worst bad guys on the planet...
August 4 2011

Titles that Beg To Be Picked Up

Do you ever get bookstore whiplash? You’re walking casually down the aisle, scanning the titles, when you stop dead in your tracks and whip your head around, thinking, Did I really just see that?...