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May 22 2014

Announcing the Bouchercon 2014 Anthony Award Nominees!

Murder is coming to Long Beach, CA, and Bouchercon has announced the nominees for the 2014 Anthony Awards! Congratulations to the nominees listed below: Best Mystery Novel Suspect by Robert...
May 31 2013

The Passive Aggressive Raven Says Nevermind

We have a feeling if The Following’s Joe Carroll had been introduced to this Raven, he might not have been as entranced by Edgar Allan Poe. What do you think?
April 30 2013

The Following Season 1 Finale: “The Final Chapter”

So this season has been a long and winding road. Some of it was definitely better than others, but The Following started off with a bang and ended much the same way. As much as I was sure, three episodes...
April 23 2013

The Following Episode 14: “The End is Near”

I loved this episode for so many reasons. Everything played out so freaking well and… Let’s just get into it. First, though, I still don’t get Carroll’s thing with watching...
April 16 2013

The Following Episode 13: “Havenport”

I love, love, LOVE this episode. There were nail-biting moments, combinations of characters I adore, and Claire actually surprised me! Winning all around. I’m not even sure where to start....
April 9 2013

The Following Episode 12: “The Curse”

By now you all know that I’ve more or less written this show off. The last few episodes have been MEH at best, which is incredibly sad to me because I was SO excited about the first few. That...
April 3 2013

The Following Episode 11: “Whips and Regret”

Once more, I have some seriously conflicting feelings about this episode. So much has changed from the beginning when it was all shock and awe, and not all of it for the good. Claire. God, I HATES...
March 27 2013

The Following Episode 10: “Guilt”

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode—in part because last one was SO good, and this one left me dissatisfied in a lot of ways. So let’s hit the stuff that made me cranky,...
March 12 2013

The Following Episode 8: “Welcome Home”

This episode once again left me with mixed feelings. There were things I LOVE LOVE LOVEd, and there were things I was less than impressed with. First things first – Jury is still out...
March 6 2013

The Following Episode 7: “Let Me Go”

I have mixed feelings about this episode and a great majority of those come from the marketing for The Following rather than the episode itself. All I’ve heard via commercials is that this episode...
February 26 2013

The Following Episode 6: “The Fall”

I’ve spent the last eight-odd hours trying to compose myself so I can write something other than SQUEEEEEE! about this show. I’ve seen a couple of people say that this episode jumped...
February 20 2013

The Following Episode 5: “The Seige”

I have to say, just when I think The Following can’t get any better, it goes and proves me wrong. Now we’ve moved past the AAAAAH screaming and into the I’m-so-tense-my-back-muscles-hurt. Let’s...
February 13 2013

The Following Episode 4: “Mad Love”

HOLY MAYBE-THREESOME, BATMAN! Okay, now that I’ve gotten my inner sixteen-year-old boy out of the way, let’s get into it. This episode definitely didn’t have enough Carroll...
February 5 2013

The Following Episode 3: “The Poet’s Fire”

Whoa, Nelly! I take back every doubt I had concerning the second episode and then some! Every time I think this show is going to zig, it zags. Jordy? Still scares me. And, seriously, I actually...
January 29 2013

The Following Episode 2: “Chapter Two”

Though I really enjoyed—and was kind of freaked out by—this episode, it didn’t have quite the punch of the first one. I suppose that’s intentional since there’s no...
January 22 2013

Did You Watch The Following with James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon?

As you may or may not remember, back in November, I had a chance to watch the pilot of The Following with eye candy (and, not incidentally, excellent actors) James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon. I had...
December 23 2012

Which New Shows Will You Catch in 2013?

Ah, January. Shows we’ve been missing (Justified!) return and new shows strut their stuff. For 2013, Cinemax is bringing us Banshee: Antony Starr stars as an ex-con and master thief...
November 8 2012

Thoughts on The Following with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy

At New York Comic Con last month, I watched the premiere of The Following, Fox’s serial killer drama starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, which will premiere January 21st. It’s taken...
May 24 2012

Networks’ Fall Television Schedule Finds Mystery Afoot

The major television broadcast networks unveiled their fall and midseason schedules last week and when it comes to new dramas, mystery is definitely afoot. Whether it’s far-reaching government conspiracies...