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September 11 2015

The ZINNG: Veteran Noir, Cozy Sleuth Tips, and Sith Lord Meltzer

With references to veterans in Raymond Chandler, David Goodis, and James Crumley, among others, Paul D. Marks is over at SleuthSayers discussing his inspirations within a specific subgenre: returning...
August 26 2015

From Page to Screen with Night and the City

In thinking about Jules Dassin’s 1950 work of film noir Night and the City in relation to the same-named 1938 novel by Gerald Kersh, one striking thing to consider is the fact that Dassin...
August 18 2015

Fresh Meat: Hangman’s Game by Bill Syken

Hangman's Game by Bill Syken is the debut mystery in the Nick Gallow series about a professional fooball player who gets caught up in a murder investigation after witnessing a teammate's gruesome...
August 6 2015

And Now, The Starting Lineup for Your Maltese Falcons!

An observation I had in my years working for Sports Illustrated: athletes and the heroes of crime fiction have much in common, but most simply this—a ruthless clarity of purpose and an ability...
June 18 2015

True Crime Thursday: Dads Worth Incarcerating AND Celebrating!

Enjoy these handmade sentiments for Father's Day—even if we have weird taste in ties. (We're not completely rotten kids. The posts get nicer as they go, culminating in something true,...
June 11 2015

Falling for the Point Break Remake

After two years of waiting, here's our first look at the new Point Break trailer with less surfing, but more altitude and extreme skiing. Luke Bracey stars as Johnny Utah, the young FBI agent and...
November 7 2014

Fresh Meat: Hell on Wheels by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Hell on Wheels by Sue Ann Jaffarian is the 9th cozy mystery in the Odelia Grey series, and this time a game of quadriplegic rugby takes a turn towards murder (available November 8, 2014). Plus size...
October 31 2014

Lost Classics of Noir: Criss-Cross by Don Tracy

So this is the next in my line of posts where I’m going to write about an underappreciated vintage noir novel, and in so doing, discuss a movie that was made from its story (sometimes it’s...
October 20 2014

“If You Can Take It, You Can Make It”: Trailer for Unbroken

Unbroken is the story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner for the United States who would later be taken prisoner by the Japanese army during World War II. Directed by Angelina Jolie, and...
October 8 2014

Hardboiled Hemingway (With Noir Chasers)

Ernest Hemingway is one of the biggest names of 20th century literature. He won the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, and his star seems in no danger of burning out even with tastes...
May 8 2014

20 Years Later: Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan Revisited

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the strangest incidents in the history of sports. After a practice session for the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, 24-year-old...
April 15 2014

Fresh Meat: The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund

The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund, translated from Swedish by Neil Smith, is the eighth featuring Stockholm reporter Annika Bengzton, who'll  jet to Spain's glitzy Costa del Sol to investigate...
February 25 2014

World Cup 2014 to be Policed by Robots

The 2014 World Cup is set to kick off on Thursday, June 12th in Brazil, and fans who are journeying to the tournament might not be prepared for what they will see: PackBots. The Brazilian government...
February 4 2014

It’s Good to be Bad: Supervillains Take Over Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads are always known for their over-the-top, near-cinematic quality. However, this year, the ads were taken to new heights—of a supervillain proportion. Whether it was the Jaguar...
January 7 2014

Cheaters Never Win, and Losers...Get Tattooed?

Football Season is in full swing. The Rose Bowl on New Year's Day got people psyched for college 'ball, and now hardcore football fans prepare for the ultimate game: the Super Bowl. Many fans...
July 16 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.08 “The Great Spirit”

The Longmire two episodes ago was titled “Sound and Fury”—-but I think it would’ve been a more apt name for this episode, because it seemed to be full of white noise, which piqued...
July 8 2013

Blazing Bowling Shirt Strikes a Chill in Lawless Hearts

Cops and bowling, it's a thing, right? Here's video evidence , courtesy of The First 48. And because it's summer and we're celebrating any place dark, windowless, and air-conditioned,...
June 7 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Baseball Mysteries

Baseball season is well under way, so it’s time to start reading about fictional murder in our favorite ballparks. Here are some of my favorite series and standalones, and even a short story...
November 9 2012

Noir’s Hard Luck Ladies: Barbara Payton

Bad Blonde (1953) is the kind of movie that exists on two levels. On one level it is an entertaining film noir about an up-and-coming boxer who is lured into a scheme to commit murder by the duplicitous...
October 7 2012

Fresh Meat: Sacrifice Fly by Tim O’Mara

Sacrifice Fly by Tim O’Mara is a traditional mystery featuring a former New York City cop turned middle school teacher as he tries to find the killer of a student’s father (available October...
August 18 2012

Natural Born Killers

You know we at Criminal Element tend to focus on just how . . . creative humans can be when it comes to murder and death, which makes me wonder if we are neglecting the true masters of murder....
August 10 2012

Friday Funnies: The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams

A little skullduggery never hurt anyone! The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams from Patrick Stewart.
August 2 2012

ParaNorman: Olympics, Zombie-Style

Zombies I wouldn’t think would be the most agile of creatures in the paranormal realm. And this applies even more to the zombies in the stop-motion animated movie ParaNorman, which are not...
July 19 2012

It Can Happen to You: Otter Attack

If ever there was a call to arms for one of Crime HQ’s Overlooked Cozies, it is this: While preparing for a triathlon in Minnesota, Leah Prudhomme was doing  her regular practice swim in...
July 13 2012

Now Win This!: Janice Hamrick’s Death Makes the Cut

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers! Click here to enter for a chance to win! Curious about the book? Check out Terrie Farley...
July 4 2012

Women (and Writers) of a Certain Age: The Top 10 Advantages

Back when I was in my early 30s and just getting my career as a writer off the ground, an editor I was working with commented, “Personally, I feel that women can’t really be good writers until they’re...
June 27 2012

Cremains of the Day: Caskets with Cue Balls

Not purely for cremains, this Casket Furniture isn’t merely thematically shaped. Oh, no, these bookcases, headboards, telephone booths, and various game tables can also contain a coffin for future...
June 6 2012

Traffic Jams on Everest: Road Rage Served Ice Cold

This tight, snaking line of climbers is making a single-file ascent to the summit of Mt. Everest in late May, a period during which four climbers died. Unbelievable images like this, taken by a climber...
February 5 2012

Today’s Also the Super Bowl for Scammers

One of the biggest live events every year, and perhaps especially this one, is the Super Bowl.  Bringing tons of attention, fans, tourism, and merchandise sales, of course, action like this attracts...
November 30 2011

The Closer Extended Season Premiere: “Necessary Evil”

Do the ends justify the means? That’s the question being asked in this week’s episode of The Closer, appropriately titled Necessary Evil. It’s a fine echo to the big question: Are Brenda’s actions...