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April 23 2015

True Crime Thursday: Revisiting Criminal Element’s Bizarre Beginnings

As you may have seen, yesterday marked the four year anniversary for Criminal Element, and we're continuing the celebration for this True Crime Thursday by looking back at four of our first...
March 3 2013

Interactive Fiction: Now You’re the Detective

I’m one of those people who shouts at a book when a character does something stupid or ignores a vital clue. I will smack the page with a “No, you idiot, the lamp. Look at the lamp. Don’t...
February 14 2013

An Epic Bromance: Sherlock Fan Art for the One You Love

There are few bromances that are more epic than the one between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (or more than just a bromance if you choose to read between the lines that way). When Clare Toohey and...
January 13 2013

His Last Bow or the Case of a Sherlockian Ball

It is a rare occasion that brings together 75 Sherlock Holmes aficionados, their friends, and significant others in one place, but that’s exactly what happened on January 10 at the Salmagundi...
December 11 2012

Killer Celebrities: Big Stars Give Away the Ending in TV Crime

I’ve got this actor friend, Brian Kerwin. He’s been working in the business for over thirty years. You’ve seen him in the movies, the soaps, TV sitcoms and dramas, and, if you’ve...
September 23 2012

The Great Game: Criminal Element Joins the Elementary Scavenger Hunt

The Painter has escaped a maximum security mental hospital after the great Sherlock Holmes caught him. Now the Painter, who once tortured and killed art gallery owners, is threatening to return to his...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 19 2012

Quick, Watson! The (Scavenger) Hunt is On!

When the creators of Elementary wanted to promote the show’s debut with a Sherlock-themed scavenger hunt, New York-based Watson Adventures (Yes, that’s their real name!) was the natural...
June 13 2012

Have You Seen This Girl?: Solve This Civil War Photo Mystery

Love solving a good mystery? The Photographic Services Department of the Museum of the Confederacy sure hopes so. The museum has eight photographs in its collection with unidentified subjects and the...
December 19 2011

Sherlock Season 2 Scenes!

Ready for Sherlock season 2 to start? So are we. To tide us over till the show makes it’s way here, we found these couple of scenes from episode 1 of the new season, “A Scandal in Belgravia”....
Pop Culture Nerd
July 28 2011

The Case of the Missing Keys

A few months ago, when I visited my friend Julie (not her real name) on Mother’s Day, I was fretting that I hadn’t bought her a gift. Could I just pick up the tab for lunch, or did I have to get...
May 6 2011

Julia Spencer-Fleming’s First Detective: Freddy the Pig

For me, it was always Freddy. Other mystery lovers were given sets of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, or stumbled upon a row of old Agatha Christies shelved between two beams in the summer cottage....