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April 16 2015

Justified 6.13: Series Finale “The Promise”

Last night’s Jusified series finale, “The Promise,” wrapped up the series both in a deeply satisfying and completely surprising way, and I honestly expected nothing else from...
April 8 2015

Justified 6.12: “Collateral”

Talk about an episode hitting the ground running! “Collateral” exploded like a Raylan quick draw! Editor’s Note: As this series winds down to the finale, just one more episode...
April 7 2015

Justified 6.11: “Fugitive Number One”

This episode was one explosive hour of television with almost every character's future on the line. Editor’s Note: As this series winds down to the finale, just two more hours of...
March 25 2015

Justified 6.10: “Trust”

Raise your hand if you were expecting that ending? Anyone? Anyone? But before we get there, a lot of other things happened in “Trust,”Episode 6.10 of Justified. First of all, we...
March 18 2015

Justified 6.09: “Burned”

“Burned,” this week’s episode of Justified had less of the emotional violence of last week, but a lot more explosions and bodies as Boyd’s (Walton Goggins) heist went horribly...
March 11 2015

Justified 6.08: “Dark as a Dungeon”

Since we’ve known him, Raylan’s worst enemy has always been Arlo Givens (Raymond J. Barry), the violent, mean drunk who sired him and terrorized his mother and him. Arlo was a petty...
March 4 2015

Justified 6.07: “The Hunt”

Sometimes the quietest episodes of Justified are filled with the most tension. “The Hunt” which was in some ways, a setup for the last half of the season, had a relatively low body...
February 25 2015

Justified 6.06: “Alive Day”

We’re almost halfway through the final season of Justified, and given how great this season is turning out to be, I’m truly pained to type those words! In Episode 6.06, “Alive...
February 18 2015

Justified 6.05: “Sounding”

The final season of Justified keeps piling on the delicious complications of plot and adding to (and subtracting from) its wonderful cast of characters. In “Sounding,” last night’s...
February 11 2015

Justified 6.04: “The Trash and the Snake”

Any episode of Justified that gives me Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) backstory in addition to the return of one of my all-time favorite characters is, by definition, a great episode. But “The Trash...
February 4 2015

Justified 6.03: “Noblesse Oblige”

We open with the aftermath of Boyd’s (Walton Goggins) pulling out the good bourbon for Ava (Joelle Carter) because of her revelation that the pizza parlor is located above a former bank....
January 28 2015

Justified 6.02: “Cash Game”

Previously on Justified: Boyd committed murder and bank robbery (so business as usual, basically); Ava was caught between a rock and a hard place (or a Givens and a Crowder which amounts to the...
June 12 2013

Parenting, Justified-Style

Justified's Raylan Givens is about to be a parent. Every person takes on parenting in different ways and we're sure that'll be no different once there's a giggling baby Givens out there....
April 3 2013

Justified Season 4 Finale: “Ghosts”

Justified has always shown us the similarities between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, the marshal and the outlaw, each understanding of the other’s psyche in a way that no one else in their...
March 27 2013

Justified Episode 4.12: “Peace of Mind”

We open with Raylan bragging to a now visibly pregnant Winona about the successful conclusion of the Drew Thompson case. Winona could not be less interested; she just wants to know whether Raylan...
March 13 2013

Justified Episode 4.10: “Get Drew”

Everyone - Marshals, criminals, stray dogs - was out to “get Drew” in last night’s episode of Justified. We open at Shelby’s house with Tim, Raylan and the Kentucky...
March 7 2013

Justified Episode 4.09: “The Hatchet Tour”

This week’s episode of Justified was all about resurrection (Ellen May) and betrayal (Colt), plus the real Drew Thompson finally stood up! We open with Marshal Tim pensively surveying the...
February 27 2013

Justified Episode 4.08: “Outlaw”

We open right after the preceding episode, with Raylan, whose offer of a deal for Drew Thompson was soundly rejected by Arlo, waiting to make the same offer to ex-Harlan County sheriff Hunter. Hunter...
February 21 2013

Justified Episode 4.07: “Money Trap”

We open six days earlier, with Raylan delivering Jody Adair, the felon from the first episode, to his bounty hunter “friend with benefits” Sharon. (This means that the entire season...
February 14 2013

Justified Episode 4.06: “Foot Chase”

This week’s Justified opens with masked men plinking a piano key as a man in an armchair begs them to be quiet because his son is sleeping upstairs. One of the masked men speaks, revealing...
February 6 2013

Justified Episode 4.05: “Kin”

After last week’s exploration of the disaster that is Raylan’s love-life, this week’s episode of Justified focused on the strongest aspects of the show: the specificity of the...
May 17 2011

Dangerfield Westerns: The Disrespected Historical Mysteries?

There’s one kind of historical crime novel that gets no respect. Historical crime stories have been popular for a long time. They’re even given special awards at some conventions. Lots...
May 5 2011

Justified: Season Two Finale

  Justified’s Season Two had its finale last night, and what didn’t happen?! [Spoilers ahead, because hello, it’s the finale!]   So while we can talk about the...