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February 19 2015

The Riddler: Man Solves Puzzle with Only One Letter

Should you ever run up against The Riddler, a sphynx, or any other puzzle-obsessed villains, it might be good to have this Wheel of Fortune contestant, Rufus, at your side to help you piece together...
January 21 2014

Fresh Meat: NYPD Puzzle by Parnell Hall

NYPD Puzzle by Parnell Hall is the 15th humorous mystery about Cora Felton, the grandmotherly-appearing and fraudulent Puzzle Lady, whose wise-cracking and sleuthing will put her under suspicion of...
December 9 2013

Satan—ahem—Santa’s Twisted Like a Candy Cane

Or are elves secretly applying for new gigs as imps? If so, one of the 7 unbreakable codes this isn't, but then again, centuries of whittling alphabet blocks may dull the mental edge somewhat. Hat...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 9 2013

Endeavour: “Girl”

Call me fickle: just as I was mourning the loss of Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway, along comes another man to steal my heart. His name is Shaun Evans, and if there are photos of him frolicking...
November 15 2012

Dirty Secret or Best Ad Ever? Mature Librarian, Video Game Fanatic...

I’m going to lay my dirty little secret right out there; I love video games. Since I am a woman of a certain age, and a librarian, most people react with shock and astonishment. I can hear the...
December 12 2011

Brains vs. Brawn: The Battle for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

On December 24th of 2009—long, long ago, eons past, before Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch elevated Belstaff winter wear to the crown prince’s robes of Sherlockian culture—Roger Ebert...
July 16 2011

Crimes in Writing and Writings in Crime

Languages can be fun, but they usually take a lot of time and effort to learn. Even if you put in the hours, some seem impossible to master. I for one can’t even make it past basic-level Korean, it...
June 28 2011

World’s Longest Detective Story: The Terror of Werewolf Castle

I am not making a habit of discussing books that aren’t available outside of Japan. Really. I myself am very aware that it is frustrating to read articles on oh-so-interesting books that aren’t...
June 24 2011

Just One More (Sad) Thing: Goodbye Lt. Columbo

Peter Falk, the actor who played the inimitable Lt. Columbo, passed away at the age of 83, according to KTLA. During Columbo’s 13 seasons, Falk’s homicide detective was rumpled and bumbling,...
June 15 2011

Detective Conan: Smartest Modern Detective in Asia?

We all have to start somewhere. My first encounter with Japanese detective fiction was through the Japanese animated movie Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target. It changed my life. I started to read...
May 28 2011

Ellery Queen is Alive and Well and Living in Japan

Crime novel critic Kiyoshi Kasai focuses in his books on “orthodox” detective novels, which refer to the Golden Age detective novels in the Christie-Queen-Carr tradition. He identifies...
May 13 2011

Bar Noir Trilogy Part 1: Raising Kanes

Don't miss Part 2 and  Part 3.   Shots in the night. No, not the usual kind, the ones that come from a .38. I’m talkin’ the other kind: straight shots...