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June 30 2016

This Book Is Not About Vladimir Putin.

Cold by John Sweeney is the 1st Joe Tiplady thriller (Available July 1, 2016). Cold is a made-up story inspired by things I’ve seen with my own eyes and whispers I’ve picked up...
December 8 2015

The ZINNG: How Profound

Pennycook’s Poppycock – A new scientific study has been released in Judgment and Decision Making that is garnering headlines (most of them overblown, sensationalist, and reactionary)...
July 11 2014

North Korea Complains to the U.N. About The Interview

Sometimes a movie sparks controvery, but rarely is that controversy taken to such as international scale. The Interview, which hits theaters October 10, 2014, focuses on two bumbling men—one,...
August 22 2012

Scares Everywhere—Bring On The Manly Art of Knitting!

So, just surfing around, looking for something delightful to kick off the day. Let’s see, John Lennon’s killer is up for parole . . . That’s a stone cold bummer to recall,...