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November 8 2012

Thoughts on The Following with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy

At New York Comic Con last month, I watched the premiere of The Following, Fox’s serial killer drama starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, which will premiere January 21st. It’s taken...
October 31 2012

Boo! It’s Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead at New York Comic Con

We went to the Evil Dead panel at New York Comic Con, and it was transcendant! Bruce Campbell, that’s all you need to know. Not enough? He’s the star and producer of the franchise, as well...
October 24 2012

The Law of Superheroes

After the movie The Avengers came out, a few of us (nerdy) people began to wonder what superheroes were actually liable for in the event know...saving the world.  For instance: After...
October 20 2012

Carrie is Scary at New York Comic Con

Back in March we reported the casting of Chloe Grace Moretz as Stephen King’s iconic telekinetic teen, Carrie, in a new screen version of his novel. So, last week while the Criminal Element...
October 15 2012

The Walking Dead Panel Casts Shadows Over Season 3

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning. The wind has just a little bit more bite. And our favorite sheriff is back and fighting zombies in The Walking Dead. This past weekend, New...
October 13 2012

Classics and Modernism at New York Comic Con

Sure, there are great panels, interesting signings, cool video games, and even the chance to hobnob with your idols, but one of the best things about going to a Comic Con is just looking at the cosplayers...
October 12 2012

Hard Core Cons: Finding Crime at New York Comic Con!

Her majesty looks so nice, but those handcuffs... This month is con-crazy! Of course, we adored being at Bouchercon last weekend, but upon return, we’ve got to jump right into New York Comic...
October 18 2011

New York Comic Con: It’s Exhaustive, I’m Exhausted

I think I’ve missed one year of the last 5, and this year’s NYCC was the biggest ever.  I was not at the first, but I do recall when it was small enough to have to share Javits...