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May 2 2017

Vote for Your Favorite Classic YA Mystery Series

  Tell us what you chose and why in the comments below!
December 22 2016

A Criminal Christmas List

Oh no! The Discovery Channel’s talking Joe Kenda bobblehead is out of stock and you still haven’t bought gifts for your favorite crime buff. Fortunately for you, there’s this...
March 18 2016

13 of the Best Female Sleuths from Pop Culture

Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and the Hardy Boys, but what about the best female sleuths from pop culture? Women have been solving crime and catching bad guys in books, television,...
November 13 2014

When TV Romance Turns to Murder, You Can Win!

For me, it all started with Ned and Nancy. Nancy Drew was an independent woman (girl) but she still made room in her busy sleuthing schedule to let Ned hang around and bounce clues off. He was...
October 2 2013

The Young Crime-Solving Protégés: Top 5 Kid Detectives

Kid Detectives: The Young Crime-Solving Protégés Encyclopedia Brown possess a skill many of us wish we had or wish we were better at — knowing just about everything. If I had...
September 25 2013

The Digital Detective: Nancy Drew Video Games

She is the undisputed Queen of Girl Sleuths, the Uber-Goddess with a roadster, so it should be no surprise that the Nancy Drew Mystery Games by Her Interactive, truly truly have no peer in the realm. And...
August 7 2013

Video Games and The Digital Detective

Now let’s be clear what I mean by “Video Games” here. I’m not talking about MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) like World of Warcraft. For me, its the MM...
March 28 2013

What Are the Grandchildren Reading?: A Kids’ Review of Two Graphic Novels

The best way to review a children’s book is to take it to the kids themselves! Blogger Terrie Farley Moran asked her grandchildren to review the graphic novels Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Secret...
March 19 2013

Nancy Drew Sleuths and You?: The 2013 Convention in Boston

Did you know you can join other sleuths and Nancy fans to explore the settings of The Secret of the Wooden Lady (#27) and The Case of the Vanishing Veil (#83)? We try to be on top of things, but...
March 9 2013

The Evolution of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is more than 80 years old but she is still going strong.  The titian-haired wonder has been the subject of movies, TV series, hardback books, soft cover, and even graphic novels. Former...
February 7 2013

Murder Mardi Gras Style

Mardi Gras is the ultimate festival for food, fun, and mayhem, which also makes it the perfect time and place for a fictional murder or two. While Mardi Gras (also called Carnival in some countries)...
January 21 2013

T-shirts Take Cover

The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys T-shirts from Out of Print Clothing  hit us right in the bookshelf. Nancy Drew The Sign of the Twisted Candles features the original cover artwork from the 1933 dust...
December 20 2012

Cherry Ames, Nurse and Detective

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love mysteries. I suspect I was a mystery fan back when I was spitting up strained apricots and wearing onesies. Would the Cat in the Hat get punished...
December 6 2012

Initiation Rites: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

I’ve always been an indiscriminate reader. Growing up, I wasn’t surrounded with a wealth of reading material so I read whatever I could lay my hands on. I never had the luxury of considering...
October 16 2012

What Do Nancy Drew and The Walking Dead have in Common?

Since the beginning, we here at Crime HQ have been handing out all the best stuff for crime fiction lovers. But now we’re stepping up our game . . . only for our newsletter subscribers. We’ll...
July 8 2012

The Crime Fighter Fashion Awards and Brenda Leigh’s Purse Sweepstakes

Crime fighters range from the absolutely well-dressed to those who can’t even manage to get the crumbs off their shirts. Can you imagine Magnum without his Hawaiian shirts or Columbo without his...
May 18 2012

What’s a Tween To Do: Building a Middle-Grade Mystery Summer Reading List

School’s out, and your tween is ready to toss the backpack and books in a corner. But summer is a great time to discover new books, those that are not on the required reading list—and what...
November 9 2011

A New World of Mysteries for Young Adults

As a voracious pre-teen reader, I cut my teeth on Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Dana Sisters and Encyclopedia Brown mystery series. I loved the idea of someone who was close to being my age solving...
September 8 2011

Is Brenda Leigh Johnson Really Nancy Drew?

Many of us, me included, were first drawn to mysteries by the bravery and the independence of Nancy Drew. Our intrepid heroine prevailed over robbers, forgers, kidnappers and organized crime to help...
August 8 2011

Where Do You Keep Your Stash (or Stache)?

Do you wear your fandom on your sleeve? On your wrist? In your ears? Pick your favorite classic mystery writer or character and do an Etsy search and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be surprised...
May 18 2011

Today’s Female Crime-Fighters: Not Nancy Enough?

She’s tough. She’s violent. And mystery readers can’t seem to get enough of her. Over the past six decades, female sleuths have gone from sweet (think Agatha Christie’s...
May 13 2011

Was Nancy Drew My First Victim?

I’m a reader because of Nancy Drew.  Back in the Dark Ages when young adult fiction consisted of Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume, it was Nancy who got me reading.  I liked the puzzle....