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August 1 2016

Crime/Mystery/Thrillers Coming to (and Leaving) Netflix in August 2016

What do Vin Diesel, an Oscar for “Best Film,” and the first “choose your own fate” movie have in common? They're all coming to Netflix this August! With two Fast...
September 14 2014

Mossad as Superspy: Is the Myth Slipping?

I’ve run across an interesting piece by Nathan Abrams, Professor of Film Studies at Bangor (UK) University, on The Conversation website (“a collaboration between editors and academics...
July 31 2013

Zinng: Poe, Mrs. Peacock, and Ziva

  •  According to South Coast Today, a handwritten poem by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Conqueror Worm,” was sold at auction for $300,000 after expecting to fetch $10-20k....
October 30 2012

Drink Deeply of Halloween Crime Cocktails!

Halloween is almost here. Some friends and I decided we needed to create, borrow, and adapt beverages for our favorite Halloween crime classics—both books and TV shows. We got together to mix...
September 28 2012

Get Your Hands on Mark Harmon: NCIS, Certain Prey and Your Chance to Win!

Mark Harmon is back. Everyone loves the tough-as-nails silver fox who plays Jethro Gibbs on CBS’s NCIS. Can you believe the show just entered its 10th season? Well, actually it’s not so...
September 5 2012

Fall Television: What Will You Watch?

Back to school means the return of many of our favorite TV shows.  Major Crimes, Copper, and Grimm have already started, and we’ll have to wait until 2013 for BBC’s Sherlock, but plenty...
August 23 2012

But You Know the Ending! Why I Reread and Re-watch My Favorites

I’m a voracious reader. At any given time I’m reading at least three books. I know very little about today’s music, even though I was a radio announcer for several years, because all...
August 10 2012

Ancient Crimes, Modern Detection

The world is in love with methods of forensic crime detection. We have been entranced by CSI (the original) and every spin-off it has produced. Abby Sciuto and her mass spectrometer add immeasurably...
May 13 2012

Mother Knows Best: Mom’s Favorite Crime Fiction

“Listen to your mother.”  Excellent words of advice, so today on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we are going to give some of our mothers the opportunity to make crime fiction book and TV recommendations....
November 3 2011

Mark Harmon, the Interrogation—er, Interview

There’s been conversation, there’s been controversy, there’ve been comments, all on the question of whether Mark Harmon can actually pull off the role of Lucas Davenport, John Sandford’s anti-heroic...
October 23 2011

Watch the Promo for Certain Prey: Harmon in Action as Davenport

Here’s USA’s description of the movie Certain Prey, based upon John Sandford’s novel, to air two weeks from now: Lucas Davenport doesn’t need his job as Minneapolis’s Deputy Chief...
October 15 2011

John Sandford’s Certain Prey Hits USA, Starring Mark Harmon

Great news for fans of Mark Harmon.  He’s set to play the lead in John Sandford’s Certain Prey movie on USA. The movie will air for the first time Sunday, November 6 at 9pm. No word as...
September 16 2011

Counterpoint: Don’t Bury The Lead!

In Bury the Lead...Please!, Elyse Dinh-McCrillis made a plea to American television producers that struck fear in the heart of this American television viewer. She writes: “If producers want to bring...
June 3 2011

Laughing ’Till I Cry: Authors on TV

Do you know this man?  He appears at least a couple times a day in my Twitter stream.  I think he’s hot.  And a damned good writer.  But even with all that going for him, if I...