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May 7 2014

Getting a Law Degree, Even If It Kills Me: Law Students Petition to Award Posthumous License

We've heard of posthumous awards, but what about posthumous licenses? Students in California are petitioning the State Bar of California to award Hong Yen Chang a license he was denied because he...
April 18 2013

No, You’re Out of Order: Judge Fines Himself

In a bizarre turn of events a judge had to fine himself in his own courtroom when he broke one of his rules. The judge in question had instituted a “no cellphones” policy when one day, his...
March 1 2013

Rules to Live By: Yeti Hunting

Say that you are an aspiring young adventurer and amateur cryptozoologist. You’ve decided that you are going to travel the world to find answers to some of our time’s bigger mysteries. What’s...
February 21 2013

Burning Man: Oklahoma Man Spontaneously Combusts?

Cops are always theorizing about mysterious deaths but nothing quite beats it when the cause of death is... wait for it... spontaneous human combustion. Police in Oklahoma are said to believe that...
October 20 2012

You Can’t Handle the Truth, So Escape with Some Crime Fiction

I’ve shaken hands with killers. I’ve stood outside their homes and drunk their coffee and made snide remarks about the state of their curtains. I’ve watched them tearfully appeal...
January 18 2012

The Best Cease and Desist Response Ever

If you live on the ’Net for a number of years and you have opinions, you’re apt to garner a small collection (or, in some cases a large one) of Cease and Desist (C&D) letters. Frequently, people...
January 12 2012

Passing Laws, Not Passing Out

From our friends over at Lowering the Bar comes news of a bill in Georgia (HB 668) that would “require anyone elected to serve in the General Assembly to undergo mandatory drug testing within three...
December 29 2011

Holiday Celebrations: What Not To Do In England’s Parks

It’s that time of year when kids are out of school and people are walking in the park of an afternoon, skipping rope and generally enjoying themselves. However, it has come to our attention that several...
December 12 2011

Twitter: The Get Out of Jail Free Card for a New Age

(From BBC News) I am sure that all of us can sympathize with dealing with jury duty. It’s inconveniencing, it can soak up a whole month with you stuck in a room listening to all manner of experts...
November 14 2011

Is Beauty Truth? In Ancient Athens, the Answer Was Yes.

Ancient Athens had a court system, and written laws, and magistrates, and juries.  If that sounds modern, it’s because this is where our modern world was being invented.  But there were...
November 1 2011

A Sticky Situation: Making Faking Maple Syrup a Felony

You’ve seen it in the store a thousand times: the homey-looking container labeled something along the lines of “all-natural maple syrup.” But is it really natural? And, more important to Vermont...
May 30 2011

Crime and Punishment a la Medieval Japan

Historical mystery novels serve as a reminder that the good old days weren’t always that good. Especially for the folks accused or convicted of crimes. My Sano Ichiro samurai mystery series is...