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October 1 2014

Hello, October: Crime Writers in the Cemetery

If you know me—or if you’ve read one of my books—you know I have a thing for cemeteries. One of my favorites is Woodlawn, set on 400 acres in the northern reaches of the Bronx....
August 11 2014

Almost 80 Years of Infamy: We Blame You, Oklahoma City!

On a hot August day in 1935, Reverend Charles H. North of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma's Third Pentecostal Holiness Church drove his car downtown and parked at a spot in front of a new-fangled device...
March 31 2014

True Crime: Spoiling GoT for the Whole Class

One math teacher was recently forced to threaten drastic measures to silence rowdy students: Lucky for the teacher, those students must be illiterate. Otherwise, they'd be spoiler-proofed!...
September 13 2013

Friday the 13th: The Evolution of a Superstition

Most Americans have known about the superstition surrounding unlucky Friday the 13th since grade school. Some people take this superstition very seriously, refusing to fly on airplanes or even leave...
August 7 2013

What’s That Uniform You’re Wearing, Art?

The orange wall depicts 2.3 million folded prison uniforms, equal to the number of Americans incarcerated in 2005. Photographic artist Chris Jordan has more to see in his ongoing collection...
August 2 2013

Bad Boys as Rock Stars

So the latest issue of Rolling Stone arrived in the mail not too long ago.  You know the one I’m talking about—it’s the issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston Marathon...
July 30 2013

Inspector Clouseau Will Not Be Pleased

Hmmmm, thieves hiding stolen jewels in face cream? Where have we heard this before? A member of the thus-named 'Pink Panther' gang—not slinky and mischievous felines after all, but a real-live...
July 1 2013

Close Call, Florida, But Mullet-Lovin McGyver Ain’t Mad.

MacGyver has proved the mullet is advantageous, even necessary, for the safe conduction of super brain power. So what about that just-signed legislation on the size of mullets? Well, according to Florida...
April 23 2013

Lying Effectively: A How To, Or Is It?

There are at least 10 important guidelines any successful liar follows: Lying's Like A Muscle—use it enough to stay limber Don't Over-rehearse Any One Lie—you...
April 2 2013

It’s Not Quite the Future Crimes Unit . . . Yet: Using Big Data to Solve Crimes

Memphis criminals are in big trouble. The city’s police department is using technology in new ways to fight crime and as a result they’ve managed to reduce crime 28 percent over the...
February 24 2013

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Woman Fired After Stealing Oreos

It seems like the great office tradition to take a few supplies here and there—a package of Post-Its, a stapler—changes when that “office” happens to be a Wal-Mart and the “supplies”...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
May 16 2012

No Place is Safe: The Perils of Interstellar Crime

So there I was, just wandering around minding my own business when all of a sudden this enormous, dark . . . thing . . . comes out of nowhere. I’m telling you it was massive—no, supermassive....
February 22 2012

TV by the Graph

It’s no secret to those who know me that I like television. I currently religiously watch: Justified, CSI (the original), Criminal Minds, and Once Upon a Time. I also occasionally catch The Mentalist,...
August 31 2011

Facts and Figures: Is Your Job Killing You?

If musing about the upcoming Labor Day has you wondering, scan these fun facts from the always-jocular Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: Overall, fatal falls...