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February 4 2014

Fan Favorites: 2014’s Mystery Conventions

2014 promises to be chock full of wonderful mystery conventions and conferences ranging from Bouchercon— the world’s largest crime fiction convention—to more tightly-focused conferences...
September 27 2013

Fresh Meat: Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa by Andrez Bergen

Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa by Andrez Bergen depicts murders within a virtual city of heroes and adoring masses—now isolated from the rest of dystopian reality—as a stylistic...
January 3 2013

Favorite Mysteries for Bibliophiles

If you love books, what could be better than reading books about books, or books about being inside books or people who get to hang around books. (That was a statement, not a question.) Here are some...
January 18 2012

The Mystery of Time Travel

Seriously. Scientists at Cornell University have created a real hole in time, a temporal cloak of sorts, just like the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter. It’s a place where objects are invisible...
May 22 2011

When Is a Mystery Too Fantastic?

Recently, I overheard two women in the mystery section in a bookstore: “Oh my gawd, I can’t believe it, they have this in the mysteries! It has spells and magic and everything!!!” “Oh...
May 7 2011

On the Frustration of Series

Finding something new to read can be a tiresome and treacherous ordeal. I use a method that has served me well for many years, a sort of hunter-gatherer approach: I stalk the bookstore aisles, searching...