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September 13 2016

11 of the Best Fictional Island Cops

Most of us love the idea of islands—their beauty, their singularity, their separation from the wider world. And, of course, we all believe that life may somehow be easier on islands, more...
May 26 2013

Addicted to Addicted Detectives

Crime fiction is cheerfully described as an addiction by many of its fans, including such diverse personalities as Sigmund Freud and Woodrow Wilson. Just as neurochemical addicts have an endless menu...
February 27 2013

Criminal Records: On a Crime Fiction Soundtrack

Just lately, I’ve been pondering the reasons behind my apparent predilection for all things crime fiction. As a kid, I remember staring with amazement at the covers of my Mother’s library...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
June 20 2012

Double Good News for Ian Rankin Fans!

Fans of Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin have two new reasons to be cheerful. First is the longed-for return of his police detective hero John Rebus in Standing in Another Man’s Grave, set for...
May 23 2011

The Soundtracks of Sin

I recently read Peter Robinson’s fine novel Friend of the Devil. When I was finished, I spent a pleasant half hour checking out all the music he references throughout the book. (Or rather, music that...