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May 2 2017

Vote for Your Favorite Classic YA Mystery Series

  Tell us what you chose and why in the comments below!
August 6 2015

And Now, The Starting Lineup for Your Maltese Falcons!

An observation I had in my years working for Sports Illustrated: athletes and the heroes of crime fiction have much in common, but most simply this—a ruthless clarity of purpose and an ability...
October 2 2013

The Young Crime-Solving Protégés: Top 5 Kid Detectives

Kid Detectives: The Young Crime-Solving Protégés Encyclopedia Brown possess a skill many of us wish we had or wish we were better at — knowing just about everything. If I had...
January 21 2013

T-shirts Take Cover

The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys T-shirts from Out of Print Clothing  hit us right in the bookshelf. Nancy Drew The Sign of the Twisted Candles features the original cover artwork from the 1933 dust...
December 6 2012

Initiation Rites: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

I’ve always been an indiscriminate reader. Growing up, I wasn’t surrounded with a wealth of reading material so I read whatever I could lay my hands on. I never had the luxury of considering...
May 18 2012

What’s a Tween To Do: Building a Middle-Grade Mystery Summer Reading List

School’s out, and your tween is ready to toss the backpack and books in a corner. But summer is a great time to discover new books, those that are not on the required reading list—and what...
November 9 2011

A New World of Mysteries for Young Adults

As a voracious pre-teen reader, I cut my teeth on Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Dana Sisters and Encyclopedia Brown mystery series. I loved the idea of someone who was close to being my age solving...