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February 22 2015

Fresh Meat: A Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders

A Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders marks the debut of Samantha Clair, a London book editor caught up in a criminal investigation (available February 24, 2015). I read a lot of mysteries featuring...
December 12 2014

Number 8 of the Scams of Christmas: Counterfeit Cheer

The unbeatable bargain has been a lure used by con artists since even before 19th-century Europeans recognized the commercial value of a topical preparation used by foreign laborers, an oily substance...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 14 2014

Death Becomes Her, Or is it That Fabulous Veil?

“Death Becomes Her,” the fall exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Anna Wintour Costume Center presents a stitch-by-stitch account of what the well-dressed widow was wearing...
May 21 2014

Killer Fashion: Illinois Designers Provide Fashion for the Firearm-Friendly

The ink is barely dry on the new law in Illinois that allows some degree of concealed weapons before Chicago designers are taking to the streets to provide clothing for the firearms fashionista. One...
May 4 2014

Fresh Meat: Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay

Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay is the second cozy installment in the Hat Shop Mystery Series about two women whose London store falls under investigation after poison from a murder is found...
April 27 2014

Fresh Meat: The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson

The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson is the Steampunk Detectives series debut, featuring a woman who learns she possesses magical abilities after a garment of her design kills a client...
January 22 2014

What the Well-Dressed Target Wears: Bulletproof Bespoke

Taking a page from James Bond’s friend Q, the tailors at Garrison Bespoke in Toronto have devised impeccable attire for gentlemen in what we’ll call “high risk businesses”: the...
October 31 2013

Happy Halloween from Edgar Allan Ho!

We've heard people decry the degradation of the modern adult Halloween costume: slutty nurse, slutty kitty, slutty [fill in the blank]. Does this one represent a new acme of awesome or a foul new...
October 24 2013

Keep Your Eye (Teeth) on Her Cleaver Clutch

Whether you are looking for a Halloween accessory, or just have a macabre sense of fashion, this Cleaver Clutch might just be the thing for you! And if you really want to creep out your friends,...
October 22 2013

Fashion and Food According to Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Don Draper may have his own Banana Republic line, but he's not the only well-dressed antihero on TV today.  Hannibal Lecter has made the transition to the small scene on NBC's Hannibal,...
October 22 2013

Death Watch Counts Down Your Life, Comes in Black

Among many new ventures one can fund on Kickstarter is this one: Tikker is a death watch that collects health questionnaire answers and your current age to let you proudly sport a digital countdown...
July 3 2013

Perfectly Outfitted for Murder Most Fowl

We even lifted most of the headline from Poorly Dressed—now that IS fowl!
July 1 2013

Close Call, Florida, But Mullet-Lovin McGyver Ain’t Mad.

MacGyver has proved the mullet is advantageous, even necessary, for the safe conduction of super brain power. So what about that just-signed legislation on the size of mullets? Well, according to Florida...
June 17 2013

Killer Stiletto Heels Cost $100k (in Bail)

A woman in Houston, Texas recently committed murder “with a deadly weapon, namely a shoe...” At least, that's what the police think after Ana Lilia Trujillo answered the victim's...
May 24 2013

It’s All in the Duds: What the Well-Dressed Detective is Wearing

It is said that “Clothes make the man,” but that may be true for some more than others. I’ve been thinking it over, and found a pattern when it comes to clothes in crime fiction. Detective...
April 16 2013

Can a Smelly Shoe Poison You?

A man in Japan was recently accused of attempted murder by introducing a caustic material, hydrofluoric acid, into the shoes of a female colleague he was stalking. This story was covered, among other...
April 11 2013

Safety First: Knuckle Clutches

So you’re going to a fancy dress ball in a not-so-great neighborhood. Perhaps it’s for charity, to help bring the neighborhood back to life, even. But it leaves you with a small problem:...
March 6 2013

You’d Better Watch Your Step

The exhibition called “Shoe Obsession” at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (through April 13; admission free) showcases some memorable footwear of recent vintage,...
February 26 2013

Judges Won’t Let a Girl Be Dazzling!

Inspired by the reality show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a 22-year-old woman used nail glue to bling her name onto the ankle monitor (in the U.K. called a curfew tag) she’d been assigned to wear...
January 29 2013

Welcome to Fedoraville! 10 Reasons to Make the Trip

I’ve got a confession to make. I love hats. Long before hipsters strolled the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York sporting snap brim, modified fedoras that typically...
January 21 2013

T-shirts Take Cover

The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys T-shirts from Out of Print Clothing  hit us right in the bookshelf. Nancy Drew The Sign of the Twisted Candles features the original cover artwork from the 1933 dust...
January 9 2013

Demotivating In Honor of Gangster Squad

Maybe it’s because we’re sneaking into an early screening of Gangster Squad any minute now, but we’re feeling kinda snazzy ourselves. Original image via karakanov's Tumblr.
November 29 2012

Artist’s Watch Design Pronounced Bomb By Fashion Police

Artist and creative director Geoffrey McGann dressed to please himself as he recently headed off to the airport. However, because his self-designed watch—which is pretty rad-looking, you must...
October 17 2012

The Clothes of a “Predator”

We’ve seen some pretty strange fashion decisions at Crime HQ (thankfully through the Internet and not through our own office). We’ve heard about “killer” shoes and Jason Voorhees...
October 12 2012

Hard Core Cons: Finding Crime at New York Comic Con!

Her majesty looks so nice, but those handcuffs... This month is con-crazy! Of course, we adored being at Bouchercon last weekend, but upon return, we’ve got to jump right into New York Comic...
September 14 2012

Skin Shoes and an Ashtray Skull: They Hated Big Nose George

This isn’t quite a Cremains of the Day post, because it’s not something you can request to have done (I hope). From The Oddment Emporium come these historic notes on a lawman-killing criminal...
September 7 2012

Who Needs Viagra When You Can Have a Radium Suppository?

Weak Discouraged Men! Now Bubble Over with Joyous Vitality Through the Use of Glands and Radium “. . . properly functioning glands make themselves known in a quick, brisk step,...
July 19 2012

Double Agent Shoes Serve Many Masters

Bellona Fashions’ Double Agent line of women’s shoes (U.S. patent pending) features trapdoors in the heels. According to the manufacturer: “The doors to the shoe(s) are spring-operated, and have...
July 8 2012

The Crime Fighter Fashion Awards and Brenda Leigh’s Purse Sweepstakes

Crime fighters range from the absolutely well-dressed to those who can’t even manage to get the crumbs off their shirts. Can you imagine Magnum without his Hawaiian shirts or Columbo without his...
June 8 2012

Crimes of Fashion: Killer Shoes in History

Back in the early part of the 20th century, the term “killer shoes” had a whole different meaning. According to Invisible Paris, shoe-related illnesses and even deaths were quite common at the time,...