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December 12 2014

MWA Announces 2015 Grand Master, Raven, and Ellery Queen Award Winners!

Mystery Writers of America has just announced its new Grand Masters for 2015, and authors Lois Duncan and James Ellroy will be honored at the Edgar Awards banquet next April 29th. In...
October 25 2014

Fatal Footlights: The Theater Mystery

The theater world has long been a prime setting for mystery and mayhem. Shakespeare, that homicidal scribe, virtually carpeted the stage with slain corpses. The murderers he created are numerous:...
September 12 2014

Mayhem by the Numbers: A Mystery Count-Off

Having recently finished The Nine Tailors, Dorothy L. Sayers’ golden age whodunit, I had a small epiphany during the re-shelving process. I realized that I have quite a lot of numerically...
November 19 2012

Murder in the Locked Room

The locked room mystery has always held a special fascination for suspense fans. Perhaps the most popular—and earliest—of them is Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue...
December 1 2011

Otto Penzler and I, or Hopeful Luddites Talk Digital

I’ve never downloaded an electronic book. My book has sold a number of Kindle copies, which leads me to feel a strange imbalance—what does it mean that I produce material for a media I don’t...
August 12 2011

Japanese Fictional Crimes and Criminal Fictions

It is commonly said that truth is stranger than fiction, and while I won’t go quite that far, I have to admit that the truth can be quite strange at times. Criminals can be extremely creative, with...
June 10 2011

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine: 70 years of Quick Fixes

This year Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine celebrates the seventieth anniversary of its first issue, which included stories by such leading lights as Dashiell Hammett, Margery Allingham, and Cornell...
May 28 2011

Ellery Queen is Alive and Well and Living in Japan

Crime novel critic Kiyoshi Kasai focuses in his books on “orthodox” detective novels, which refer to the Golden Age detective novels in the Christie-Queen-Carr tradition. He identifies...
April 25 2011

Exploring Japanese Detective Stories: A Primer

Why should you care about the Japanese detective story? Well, Japan has a long and rich tradition in the genre, and even today, the detective novel holds a vital place in Japanese fiction.  From...