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June 16 2016

Crime Analysis: The Profession and the Process

It’s been said that crime analysis is only slightly younger than crime itself. Long before the profession came into being, people practiced crime analysis without ever putting a name...
March 25 2016

Crime Scene Gift Bundle

Armchair detective? Not anymore! Get yourself up out of that chair and into the thick of things with this Crime Scene Gift Bundle from  Every bundle includes: 100 feet...
December 18 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Crime and Mystery Lovers!

The holidays are a season for giving (even if that giving is really for yourself—go ahead, we won't tell). So we've compiled a list of unique gift ideas for that crime and mystery...
December 14 2015

Cleaning Up: Spotless

After the detectives have gone and CSI gets done picking dandruff out of the shag carpet; after the police barrier tape comes down…then what? Someone’s gotta clean up the mess....
July 9 2015

Fresh Meat: Trials of Passion by Lisa Appignanesi

Trials of Passion by Lisa Appignanesi is a dramatic narrative that details historically significant and famous crimes committed in the name of love and madness (available July 15, 2015). Simpson,...
August 28 2014

The Devil You Know: Horns Trailer

If everyone thinks you're a you become one? After the death of his girlfriend (of which he is found guilty in the eyes of the public), Ignatius “Ig” Perrish wakes up...
July 2 2014

Armed Robber Leaves Heist in Tears

A gunman who held up a Days Inn in Georgia ended up leaving the crime in tears, despite walking away with huge stacks of cash, police say. In a surveillance video released by DeKalb County police...
February 26 2014

“Catch Me if You Can” Posts Dumb Social Media Criminal

“Catch me if you can” was the message left, along with a video posted to Facebook, by an insanely crazy motorcycle rider through heavy traffic at 100 mph. Alberto Rodriquez exuded extreme...
February 13 2014

Snow Pushes Man Over the Edge

A lot of us have been dealing with way too much snow lately. Many are dealing with it right now. But one particular individual has just about enough of the white nuisance. Pittsburgh's CBS KDKA...
February 5 2014

Death by Atomic Wedgie

Yeeeouch! Every child’s worst nightmare has happened: someone was killed by an atomic wedgie. “I'd never seen this before, but when we first looked at our victim, the waistband of his...
June 27 2013

Murder, She Wrote: Post-Its for the Criminally Inclined

Murder Ink might mean different things to different people, but for the criminally inclined, whether you're a sociopath plotting out your most recent antic, or just a mystery reader, these...
April 29 2013

Adios, Bonnie and Clyde

As our rented land barge skirts the Arkansas state line in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, we round the curve of scrub-speckled highway and nearly blow past it. I pull the mineral-gray Taurus onto the...
March 7 2013

Forget the “Big Job,” Here’s Crime Scene Tape for Any Little Reason

We all hear stories about the “next big job” or the “last big job,” but what about those everyday crimes—like those inappropriate text messages from your coworker...
February 15 2013

Where in the World?: Thailand Makes for Perfect Crime Film Backdrop

When it comes to eye-popping landscapes and city streets that evoke exotic, deadly intrigue, Hollywood’s go-to country for Asian locations may very well be Thailand. The kingdom boasts a...
December 5 2012

Handcuffs Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

If you have been arrested lately, especially in large groups (and let’s not assume that I would ever get arrested. That would never happen to a guy like me!), you might have noticed that the police...
November 13 2012

A Bandage for Every Occasion?

Did you encounter a ninja and live to tell about it? Do you want to brag about it to your friends but don’t quite know how? Well, we’ve got the product for you! Recently making the...
September 8 2012

Walking Down Death Row

There’s a place in our society that holds a different breed of men. They are prisoners, true; but they are not the normal breed of arsonist, rapist, thief, junkie, or killer. These are men...
June 15 2012

Did She or Didn’t She?: The Case of Alice Crimmins 47 years later

Forty-seven years ago, Alice Crimmins was front page news. Her story was my first exposure to true crime. Between 1965 and 1977, Alice Crimmins was twice tried for the murders of her children, five-year-old...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
February 9 2012

Weegee: The Man Who Shot Noir

A typical story begins like this: “I got up 9 o’clock one night and I says to myself I’m gonna take a nice little ride and work up an appetite…” Now you know that no one wakes up at 9...
November 2 2011

Forensically Speaking: The Nonsense Effect

We’ve all seen this one, or read it.  Detective assigned to the case visits the crime scene after forensics and photographers and search teams have conducted their examination of the location. ...
October 14 2011

The Scene of the Crime: Heistworthy Hotels

Just as in real estate, in crime location is everything. And plenty of criminals choose hotels as the scenes of their felonious fun. Take Darius Guppy, for example. A gem merchant so well-bred and connected...
August 23 2011

The Leavenworth Case: The Most Popular Mystery Novel You’ve Never Read

“Mr. Leavenworth is dead. . . . murdered; shot through the head by some unknown person while sitting at his library table.” Thus begins a mystery novel once sensationally popular and now,...
August 22 2011

The Joy of Online Reviews: Crime Scene Tape!

It can be such fun to window-surf sites with lively traffic in product reviews.  For example, here’s dynamite, 5-star feedback from Adam: As soon as I pulled it out of the box I knew I was...
July 19 2011

High Fashion Crime Scene: Lights, Camera, Exploit!

Photographer and visual artist Melanie Pullen resurrects the morbid fascination with women, beauty, and death in her exhibit “High Fashion Crime Scenes”. (Be warned that the collection features...
May 18 2011

Crime Scene Cleaners: Before and After

If you're looking for an unsual and challenging career change, crime scene clean-up may be for you.  But don't be as pathetically unprepared as the cleaners in this Before picture from...
May 10 2011

Fur Real: Cat Hair DNA Can Convict

Did you know that “international scientists,” those well-intentioned figures in the authoritative white coats, have established a database storing DNA sequences extracted from cat hair,...