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July 3 2015

Hannibal 3.05: “Contorno” Means Accompaniment

Casually, contorno is a “side dish,” but that phrase isn't reverent enough for Hannibal 3.05's ode to accompanying women. I've pointed out other instances in which the women...
May 22 2015

Cremains of the Day: A Digital Version of a Deceased Self

In the future, mourners may interact with beloved deceased through virtual reality. Project Elysium is the brainchild of game designers from Australia, and proposes to use a headset like Oculus...
May 12 2015

Cremains of the Day: Sex and Death from the Netherlands

“Sex and death” is a phrase with more resonance when you put Marvin Gaye on the iPod and open the lid of the 21 Grams memory-box. Artist Mark Sturkenboom of the Netherlands has created a...
March 10 2015

There are How Many Bodies on Mount Everest?!

Hundreds of bodies left freeze-dried on Everest? You may recall our recounting of the “traffic jams” of climbers, but we didn't know how many just pulled off the road and parked, forever....
January 9 2015

What is it About Legos that Screams Death?

The memento mori continues to be updated for our times. This Lego video pierces us with the painful truth behind our entire existence, not just when stepping on one in bare feet. The School...
October 14 2014

Cremains of the Day: .....In....Spaaaaace!

If not space, the stratosphere at least. A company founded by people with a “background in aerospace engineering and satellites” is now offering to release your beloved's ashes from...
August 5 2014

Longmire: 3.10 Season Finale “Ashes to Ashes”

“Ashes to Ashes” wrapped up a couple more of the main arcs and ended with a riveting season finale that was quite satisfying for this Longmire fan. Rather than try to hit all the plot points,...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 14 2014

Death Becomes Her, Or is it That Fabulous Veil?

“Death Becomes Her,” the fall exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Anna Wintour Costume Center presents a stitch-by-stitch account of what the well-dressed widow was wearing...
April 4 2014

Cremains of the Day: Fantasy Coffins of Ghana

Carved by hand and painted into fantastic shapes like leopards, jet planes, cell phones, chickens, shoes, even cars and cigarettes, these artistic funerary creations began somewhat by accident at the...
January 10 2014

Cremains of the Day: The Soundtrack of Your Life on Vinyl

It seems a bit bizarre that there’s a cottage industry based on creative things to do with a someone’s cremains. You can display them artistically, pack them into ammunition, fuse them...
December 2 2013

Cremains of the Day: Remains to Be Seen

We at Crime HQ tend to take a jaundiced view of the ways some people choose to dispose of their mortal remains, because—let’s face it—those ways can be strange. But we can recognize...
November 14 2013

Cremains of the Day: The Ultimate Parting Shot

Holy Smoke will place the ashes of your deceased loved ones inside live shotgun shells that you can “fire when ready” for a suitable send-off. (We’ve resisted making a “going...
October 7 2013

Hard as a Rock-tober: This Lake Turns Creatures to Stone

These are incredible, nature-made mummies—or really nature-petrified—and photographer Nick Brandt captured many more in unforgettable pictures.Read Breanna Drexler's Discover article...
September 16 2013

%*#$! in Peace: The Most Vicious Obituary?

The Reno Gazette Journal recently published an obituary that struck many readers as unusual (and not just because of the time-traveling). From Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick born...
August 27 2013

Longmire: Season 2 Finale “Bad Medicine”

A John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin episode of Longmire is always a treat, because usually it means casting aside the mystery-of-the-week conventions for more serialized drama. But the showrunners truly...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
May 14 2013

And in the Role of Yorick...

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest… In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the role of Yorick the court jester is little more than a cameo (you couldn’t...
May 1 2013

Is This What They Mean by Unlimited Calling?

We didn’t know Ingrid Susanne Meyer of Cologne, Germany, but we’re betting she was the sort of gal who used to tell her family and friends: “I just can’t live without my cellphone.”...
April 29 2013

When Your Heart Stops Beating, You’ll Keep Tweeting

That's the official tagline of a recently launched Twitter app. To be clear, you’re not creating or scheduling them in advance—heck no, that’s old horse-and-buggy stuff. Via...
March 4 2013

CataCombo is CataCreepy

When I first heard about the Catacombo on The Colbert Report, I was sure it was a joke. I mean, it couldn’t be serious, right? Little did I know... this is about as creepy as it gets, IMHO!...
February 13 2013

Cremains of the Day: Awaiting the Afterlife...with Wine!

From the Daily Mail comes today’s story of found remains. Not beneath a parking lot this time, but at Pentille Castle in Saltash, Cornwall. The remains are believed to be those of Sir James Tillie...
January 22 2013

Booze ’n’ Bones in NYC: Goldbar

It may not be everyone’s choice of decor, but New York’s Goldbar definitely qualifies as unique! Yes, those are golden skulls lining the wall. If you’re on FB, Goldbar has...
January 14 2013

Gourd Proven to Hold King Louis XVI’s Blood

How cool is it that King Louis XVI’s blood has been found in a squash covered with figures from the French Revolution? According to Live Science (which in this case is really Dead Science, but...
September 27 2012

He’s Always in the Final Place You Look

Yes, that final victory over your nemesis can feel hollow. From Lamebook. We LIKE.
September 14 2012

Skin Shoes and an Ashtray Skull: They Hated Big Nose George

This isn’t quite a Cremains of the Day post, because it’s not something you can request to have done (I hope). From The Oddment Emporium come these historic notes on a lawman-killing criminal...
July 12 2012

Weekend at Bernie’s: NASCAR Edition

Weekend at Bernie’s is one of those somewhat timeless movies (if you can ignore the 80s clothes). One woman in Jackson, Michigan, may have taken the theme a little too far, though, when she kept her...
July 11 2012

Cremains of the Day: QR Coded Headstones

Alexis Madrigal of the Atlantic has an interesting article about the future of the afterlife: headstones with QR codes that launch websites or apps all about the decedent. It’s pointed out that it’s...
July 10 2012

Cremains of the Day: Five Bizarre Things Done with Dead Bodies

Thanks to our friends over at Cracked, we now have five bizarre things people have done with dead bodies. Cracked claims these are the most bizarre, but we’re not 100% certain that’s true. For the...
June 27 2012

Cremains of the Day: Caskets with Cue Balls

Not purely for cremains, this Casket Furniture isn’t merely thematically shaped. Oh, no, these bookcases, headboards, telephone booths, and various game tables can also contain a coffin for future...
January 25 2012

Cremains of the Day: Sleep With the Fishes!

Perfect for eco-minded gangsters, anyone might appreciate becoming part of a reef installation, as long as all the weighting and sinking and such were post-mortem, naturally. Eternal Reefs mixes...
October 20 2011

Cremains of the Day: Uncle Charlie’s Sporting Afterlife

In the UK, the racecourse at Ascot welcomes the scattering of ashes on the turf, so long as it doesn’t coincide with events.  Uncle Charlie adored the ponies and always wanted to be able to look...