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December 12 2016

Trailer: Sherlock Series 4

It’s here. Nearly two years after the end of Series 3 and almost a full year after the standalone “The Abominable Bride” episode, BBC has finally released a trailer for Series...
July 25 2016

New Series 4 Sherlock Trailer Suggests a Darker Direction

The San Diego Comic Con looks like it’s all coming up Cumberbatch. Along with the release of a new Dr. Strange trailer, fans of BBC’s Sherlock were treated to a teaser trailer for...
April 19 2016

Who Is Your Favorite TV Antihero? The Final Showdown

Certain television protagonists are not always the most honest, upstanding heroes that good-guy-always-wins Hollywood has trained us to expect. Some shows feature outright criminals and monsters,...
March 29 2016

Who Is Your Favorite TV Antihero?

Certain shows’ protagonists are not always the most honest, upstanding “heroes” that the good-guy-always-wins Hollywood has trained us to expect them to be. Some shows feature...
March 1 2016

Don’t Write What You Know: Why the BBC Told Me to Forget Northern Ireland

In 2004, I was given an opportunity to pitch a TV show to the BBC. My first novel, Dead I Well May Be, had just come out, and although the book hadn’t sold well, it had been well reviewed,...
January 4 2016

No Ghosts Need Apply: BBC Sherlock’s “The Abominable Bride”

It is a fairly widely known fact that I will watch practically anything relevant to Sherlock Holmes and walk away happier than I was previously, always excepting Rupert Everett and his pair of...
December 11 2015

The Golden Age of Mystery: Dorothy L. Sayers’ Have His Carcase

In the second Lord Peter/Harriet Vane case, a walking tour of the English coast hardly goes according to plan when Miss Vane, mystery writer and once accused murderess, stumbles across a body on...
August 24 2015

The ZINNG: Lolita and Victor Frankenstein

The Radio Times Festival will be held in London from September 24—27, with highlights including panels featuring actors from both BBC's Endeavor and Sherlock. Take a look at every...
March 5 2015

Casting TV Crime with Rhys Bowen and Tasha Alexander

Join Rhys Bowen and Tasha Alexander as they discuss their favorite (and least) crime televison series, casting decisions, and ponder the perfect actors to play their own leading characters! Rhys...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 23 2014

Miss Marple: “Greenshaw’s Folly”

It was a dark and stormy night when Louisa Oxley (Kimberley Nixon) arrived at the door of her “Aunt” Jane in the village of St. Mary Mead. “Aunt Jane will look after us,”...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 23 2014

Miss Marple: “A Caribbean Mystery”

When can murder be an almost pleasant event? When Miss Marple is on the case. This time she’s on the Caribbean island of St. Honoré for her rheumatism, vacationing at a small hotel...
September 11 2014

Fresh Meat: Broadchurch by Erin Kelly

Broadchurch by Erin Kelly is a small town murder mystery based on the television series from Chris Chibnall (available September 16, 2014). At its core, this is a police procedural. A dead body...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 8 2014

Breathless: Part 3

This week’s final episode of Breathless on Masterpiece Mystery is also the final episode of the series. It wasn’t renewed. So, if you love it that might come as disappointing news. At...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 2 2014

Breathless: Part 2

In Episode 2 of Breathless on Masterpiece Mystery: Richard Truscott (Oliver Chris) has gone to visit Margaret (Sarah Parish), as you knew he would. Jean (Zoe Boyle), the new Mrs. Truscott,...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 22 2014

Endeavour 2.04: Season Finale “Neverland”

The final episode of Endeavour Series 2 was a corker. We don’t do spoilers on Masterpiece Mystery programs, but I would suggest that you go and watch “Neverland” right now...
January 20 2014

Sherlock Episode 3.01 “The Empty Hearse”

Once upon a time, a hero who feared losing everything—including those most dear to him, though such individuals were few and far between—died in order to bring down a criminal mastermind...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 2 2013

Silk: Episode 01.02

Things have settled down now that Silk has stopped trying to throw every trick in the one-hour TV drama handbook at us. (Martha doesn’t make even one unanswered call to her mother in this episode!) The...
June 27 2013

Corrupt British Crime: Line of Duty

The normal British TV depiction of police work goes something like this: the hero DI or DCI and his trusty sidekick, working in a calm and well-ordered detective unit, badger witnesses and arrest...
January 18 2013

Taking on Jack’s Legacy in Ripper Street

What happens when you have MI-5’s Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn from Game of Thrones together in a BBC original police procedural? Why Ripper Street of course. Here’s the official synopsis: Haunted...
September 13 2012

Ripping It Up: The BBC’s Ripper Street

Can anyone really ever get tired of Jack the Ripper-inspired movies and TV shows? We here at Criminal Element say “Nay!”. Which is exactly why we are all kind of excited about the BBC show,...
January 17 2012

Sherlock:“The Reichenbach Fall” and The Hero’s Free Tour of the Underworld

In December of 1893, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was guilty of the premeditated and willful murder of Mr. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, a consulting detective of some public renown. “I have had...
January 13 2012

Matthew Macfadyen: Spook, Musketeer, Ripperologist

Late last summer, BBC One announced its plans to make an eight-part dramatic series focusing not upon Jack the Ripper or his victims specifically, but upon their aftermath in a “fevered, historical...
January 4 2012

BBC’s Sherlock Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia

[No, you did not miss the US premiere of the BBC’s Sherlock Season 2. Some of us watched the UK feed and were anxious to discuss it. Believe me, we’ll be doing so again on May 6, when it...
December 19 2011

Sherlock Season 2 Scenes!

Ready for Sherlock season 2 to start? So are we. To tide us over till the show makes it’s way here, we found these couple of scenes from episode 1 of the new season, “A Scandal in Belgravia”....
November 4 2011

Holmes Coping with Alzheimers Comedy Sketch: Depressing?

If you are a fan of British comedy, which tends to be more focused on literary references and word play, you may already find yourself a fan of BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look. The sketch that...
Pop Culture Nerd
August 26 2011

Tips from MI-5: Bury The Lead...Please!

Lately, fans have been protesting the demise of their favorite TV characters, whether they are being killed off in Game of Thrones or, in the case of Glee, merely graduating from high school. Viewers...
August 16 2011

Will You Spend The Hour with Dominic West?

That’s Madden, not Mad Men! We’ve been excited about the upcoming Dramaville line-up on BBC America, and it’s finally here! Programming begins tomorrow night with The Hour, starring Dominic West...
July 19 2011

Schwimmer, Consulting Detective and More Sneak Peeks

Via RTE Ten: Now we have former Friends wanting in on the awesomeness that is Sherlock.  David Schwimmer has made it known that he wants to be a guest star on one of the BBC’s popular...
June 14 2011

Luther Returns To BBC America (and so does Idris Elba)

Luther, starring Idris Elba, returns to BBC America for its season 2 on Oct. 5. Prior to that, Elba will host the weekly, hourlong Dramaville block on BBC America, which launches Wednesday, Aug....
April 24 2011

Meet the Swedes: Henning Mankell and Wallander

All roads literary lead to Scandinavia, it seems, certainly where crime novels are concerned. Is it all hype with no substance? Is it just a case of giving yourself a name which sound like an over-priced...