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July 18 2017

Review: The Student by Iain Ryan

The Student by Iain Ryan is high-paced, hardboiled regional noir: fresh, gritty, unnerving, with a stark and lonely beauty. University campus novels involving crime date back to at least Dorothy...
October 20 2016

A Vague Unease: Reviewing The Kettering Incident

Due to book deadlines, I only watch television and film if it’s either recommended to me, of a particular beloved franchise, or directly relevant to my career in Gothic, historical and/or...
March 31 2016

Growing up with a Serial Killer

Unfortunately, The Blood on my Hands is a true story. I spent my childhood in Australia in the 1960s and 70s, and it was not what one would call conventional. While, in most cases, a family is a...
February 5 2016

Funeral Crashers: Woman Shows up to Her Own Funeral

Ghosts may not be real in the paranormal sense of a spirit world interacting with our own—however, they are real in the literal sense, when the woman that you paid to have murdered shows...
December 6 2015

Murder, Melbourne, and Miss Fisher: A Roaring Series Set in the Roaring Twenties

When the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis, owner of one of the best faces known to man) sashays into Melbourne, the city truly doesn't know what's hit it. With her Louise Brooks-style...
August 31 2015

The ZINNG: The Scents of Outlaws and Spies

Hiding in plain sight! Espionage author Frederick Forsyth reveals his 20 years of spying for MI6 in his upcoming autobiography. Read more in the Telegraph: “It is 55, 60 years later. There have...
August 25 2015

CSI Queensland: The Strip

Imagine Jerry Bruckheimer was so taken by producing The Amazing Race Australia (yes, there was one) that he creates a cop show set in Oz. It’ll have all the Bruckheimerish trademarks: lush, glossy...
August 13 2015

To Protect and Non-Violently Serve: Rush

Most Western police forces have, broadly speaking, two levels of response for field incidents: whatever the regular patrol officers can provide, and the commandos (aka SWAT). So what happens in...
July 29 2015

Murder Most Aussie: City Homicide

Why don’t we ever hear about Australian crime dramas? All nations have crime. They all experience murder. If their local film industries have advanced beyond talking heads and news, you can...
October 4 2014

Fresh Meat: The Delta by Tony Park

The Delta is a thriller by Tony Park set in Africa about Sonja Kurtz, an ex-assassin turned mercenary who's hired to blow up a dam in Botswana (available October 7, 2014). Modern Africa is a...
August 15 2014

Not Dead Yet: Melbourne Edition

A Melbourne hospital recently mass-mailed 200 death certificates for live, recently discharged patients to their family doctors. According to the Times of India, it was an “inadvertent change...
March 11 2014

Beer: Just What the Doctor Ordered

We've already learned earlier this week what happens when you mix beer and the Australian outback, and it doesn't end well. Luckily, for Rod Sommerville, 54, of Australia, his story doesn't...
March 9 2014

Wake In Fright (1971): Dusty and Thirsty in the Outback

If the popularity of writers such as Donald Ray Pollock, Cormac McCarthy, Daniel Woodrell and Frank Bill is anything to go by, rural noir is a big deal in the United States. While it may not...
January 31 2014

Stay in School... Or Else!

Australia doesn't mess around, as evidenced by the macabre and Gorey-esque (not to mention criminally catchy) “Dumb Ways to Die,” a PSA for train safety.  So we shouldn't have...
January 5 2014

Tom Selleck: More Than Magnum, an Underappreciated Western Icon

When Western fans discuss their favorite heroes from motion pictures, I’ve noticed behind the firmly-fixed John Wayne comes Clint Eastwood (though some generations may reverse these two), followed...
September 25 2013

They Should Have Known Better: Red Valentine

“The Red Valentine” — A Mindscape Films Picture from Glenn Stewart on Vimeo. In honor of Criminal Element's first issue of the Malfeasence Occasional, I'd like to...
March 19 2013

The Godfather Down Under

Things we think about when we think of Australia: kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House, endless beaches, tropical reefs, Paul Hogan, Anna Torv (or Elle Macpherson, if you’re of a certain age). Things...
March 10 2013

Baroque in Windows Policing: Music and Crime Prevention

Hearing a lot of classical music in the parking garages or on the drug dealers’ corner lately? (Hey, how do you know what’s playing on the druggie corner?) If you wondered why—hypothetically,...
January 16 2013

A Smurf Walks Into a Convenience Store...

Hard on the heels of the Oompa Loompa crime spree we reported about recently comes news of four “Smurfs” in Melbourne, Australia, who assaulted a man in a convenience store. According to...
December 26 2012

The Strangest Weapons Real “Mad Scientists” Tried to Make

You know the look well: crazy white hair sticking out in all directions, coke-bottle thick goggles held fast across wildly staring eyes, while thickly gloved hands (black rubber gloves, no doubt)...
May 3 2012

History’s Mysteries: Mysteries in the Aftermath of World War I

The period immediately following World War I was a time of particular social turmoil, involving issues such as labor, class, and colonialism. People were changed as individuals, too. Former soldiers...
April 15 2012

Dapper Dandies Down Under: Mug Shots from Australia in the 1920s

Periodically, we post booking photos of the criminals—or alleged criminals—we’re discussing here at Crime HQ. But none of them look nearly so fashionable as the series of more than fifty mug shots...
October 8 2011

The Underbelly Down Under

We Aussies have been transfixed by our outlaws from the Kelly Gang days, and the stories of plenty of Aussie criminals have made it into novels and movies and onto TV screens. Aussie audiences also...
June 23 2011

History Down Under: Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher

If you’re looking for something different to read and enjoy historicals, Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne (rhymes with briny) Fisher mysteries might suit.  This series, which began with Cocaine Blues...
June 6 2011

The Photographic Noir: Criminal Portraits from Sydney Police 1912-1948

Perhaps the least glamorous photography of the human subject is that of the police mug shot. Well, living subjects anyhow. Crime scene and autopsy photos may be less flattering still. Yet these beautiful...