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September 23 2016

Passionate About Pulp: Revisiting Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

THE SUBGENRE: Cartoon noir. THE HERO(ES): Private eye Eddie Valiant and the eponymous Toon. THE VILLAIN: The mad Judge Doom. THE LOVE INTEREST(S): Loyal “Girl Friday” Dolores...
March 16 2016

Game of Thrones Season 5 DVD

I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home. And you can't frighten me. HBO’s Game of Thrones has become one of the best shows to ever grace our screens. Dragons, White Walkers, a...
June 29 2015

Careers: Passion for Execution? Willing to Relocate?

No, they don't mean the usual corporate-speak kind of “execution.” Saudi Arabia is hiring for the real deal. According to RT, the kingdom which executes more criminals than...
January 9 2015

What is it About Legos that Screams Death?

The memento mori continues to be updated for our times. This Lego video pierces us with the painful truth behind our entire existence, not just when stepping on one in bare feet. The School...
November 6 2014

He’ll Take Care of You... And Maybe Save the World: Big Hero 6 Trailer

In a future not so far away, a “non-threatening, huggable” robot is sent to take care of a teenage boy and his family. Soon, he's one of the few things standing in the way of the...
November 3 2014

Mike Tyson, Super Sleuth

We’re a couple of days late on this, but that doesn’t make it any less “Wha?”. Adult Swim just launched Mike Tyson Mysteries, a Scooby-Doo-style animated series (if...
August 19 2014

The Question You Never Knew You Needed Answered: What if Michael Bay Directed Up?

In case Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't satisfy your Michael Bay craving, we've got you covered in this YouTube video that asks a question you may never have thought of before but are...
June 17 2014

Scooby Doo Onesie Saved Me from a Beating

Why can't we all just have snacks and get along? A man in a Scooby Doo onesie for a fancy dress (read: costume) party was attacked at a pub by a woman (probably Old Man Quigley in disguise). According...
May 27 2014

Have My Drone Walk the Dog

Obviously, it's a wonderfully-tempered dog, obviously, not everyone has a drone... but enough with the caveats and concerns about pooper-scooping, because finally, thanks to Jeff Myers, something...
April 7 2014

Sherlock Holmes’ Odder Fodder Part 2

With the publication of A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle kicked off a Sherlock Holmes phenomenon that has yet to abate. Sherlock and Elementary are just the latest in a long list of “reinventions”...
October 8 2013

Spot the Horror Author: Guillermo del Toro directs The Simpsons Couch Gag

The argument can be made that The Simpsons  has had an incredible impact on American culture, be it good or bad. The show is very nearly an institution for network television. Throughout the...
August 2 2013

Lois Lane and Batman Sitting In a Tree...

We love a good investigation. Whether it is by some brilliant consulting detective like Sherlock Holmes or a plucky, slightly unfortunate reporter like Kolchak. As long as there is a mystery to...
December 30 2012

Sunday Funnies: The Chase

What do you get when you cross Hot Wheels, computers, and a car chase that would make Michael Bay drool? Why, you get the animated-short film The Chase by Philippe Gamer. It has everything, ridiculous...
December 2 2012

So Many Dumb Ways To Die

This is actually a train safety video from Australia. Can. Not. Stop. Singing. Song. Possibly the best safety video ever in the history of safety videos!
October 12 2012

’Toon Noir: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit? twice in the theater. This was 1988 and I was eight years old. Seeing a movie twice in the theater was unprecedented. It came about as a fluke of chance. My parents had...
September 6 2012

Sherlock Gnomes? Sherlock Gnolmes?

So, I don’t know about you, but the guy at left isn’t exactly my idea of Sherlock. Of course, Lucy Liu isn’t my idea of Watson either, but that’s beside the point. The point...
July 29 2012

Fresh Meat: Sunset by Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas

Sunset by Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas is a noir graphic novel featuring Nick Bellamy, a 78-year-old army vet who’s out for revenge (available July 31, 2012). Sunset  comes with a warning: “If...
July 18 2012

First Look at Tom Hanks’s Electric City

Electric City, Tom Hanks’s post-apocalyptic-steampunk-spy-thriller animated web series, premiered yesterday on Yahoo! Screen. In the 10-episode debut (don’t worry, each episode is only five minutes...
April 8 2012

The Reichenbach Fall Re-enacted in Legos!

Genius can be dangerous. Who understands that better than the Great Detective? If you haven’t yet seen Season 2 of BBC’s Sherlock, watching the incredible video below—where a critical...
March 26 2012

Earworm: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century!

Over at another digital hangout, William I. Lengeman III reminded us of a dangerously catchy theme song from a singular Sherlock Holmes update.  We thought we’d better get it in now, in case...
March 6 2012

Bender for President!

A drinking, thieving, cigar-smoking robot for president of the school board? Well, perhaps next year. This year, the insertion of the name of Bender (the robot from the animated series Futurama) was...
March 2 2012

True or Doo?

As the saying goes, truth is often stranger than fiction. The best example I’ve seen is this little quiz from Mental Floss which gives you the opportunity to guess whether a crime story is true...
January 16 2012

Pigeon Impossible: The True Threat to International Security

Sometimes things can get a little dark here at Crime HQ. We cover a lot of ground when it comes to the less attractive qualities of humanity, and why not? Who doesn’t love watching some noir anti-hero’s...
December 15 2011

To Die By Your Side: A Sweet Afternoon Treat

This is just a little movie to bring a bit of joy to your day. It’s a handmade homage to books and love and death in felt and embroidery stop-motion animation by Spike Jonze, Simon Cahn and Olympia...
December 9 2011

Crime Fiction’s Ten Greatest Bromances

As a genre, mystery is famous for its loners, guys like Jack Reacher, Monk and Lucas Davenport. But mysteries are also rife with bromances, all you have to do is look. What exactly is a bromance? The...
October 27 2011

Ned Flanders IS Dexter Morgan

There’s just something irresistible about re-making the opening credits of Dexter. And in this year’s “Halloween Treehouse of Horror XXII,” airing October 30th, The Simpsons...
September 30 2011

Making Hitchcock A Piece Of Cake

People love Hitchcock. Many have tried to imitate him, but few—if any—have succeeded. In this wonderful short film, animators Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, and Torsten Strer explore what makes Hitch’s...
May 11 2011

Breaded Crime: Wallace and Gromit’s Healthy Breakfast

A breadmaker in North Carolina recently received a sentence of 9 to 11 years in prison for intentionally misleading customers into purchasing his gluten-“unfree” products. Paul Evan Seelig...