Sweets For The Not-So-Sweet: Cupcakes To Die For

LilyVanilli Halloween cupcakes - to die for!
Bloody good cupcakes from Lily Vanilli
We are big fans of cupcakes here at Criminal Element. They require no knives or forks, can be eaten on the run (from the police or anyone else), and taste simply yummy. However, it does ruin our badass rep a bit to be seen eating them.

Luckily, there are cupcakes roaming free in the world that allow us to retain our dignity. A shard of glass to the carotid, anyone?  Some might call the cupcakes at left in poor taste, but we think they’re absolutely delicious!

And we are not alone. Our friend and fellow cupcake aficionado, Janet Rudolph, who runs blogs on both murder and chocolate, shares more deadly delights at Mystery Fanfare.

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