Supervillainous Resume Wasted at Laundromat Fire

A gentleman and scholar—wait ’til you read his curriculum vitae!—was arrested for setting fire to a laundromat in Oklahoma City.  Per NewsOK, he told police that he held seven college degrees and said he’d worked as an:

  • architectural engineer
  • truck driver
  • mixed martial artist
  • traveling disc jockey
  • phlebotomist [medical drawer of blood]
  • stuntman
  • sex toy engineer

He also claimed to have degined the Green Goblin’s hoverboard, and, obviously overqualified for mere arson (damn this economy!), asked to be leg-shackled as his feet were “certified weapons” in Nevada. Given the glamor of his previous professions, we imagine something like this.

Revolver Hoof ShoesDance into a brighter future, overqualified supervillain!




Hat tip: Fark. Image via Sad Hill News.

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