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David L. Golemon Excerpt: <i>In the Still of the Night</i>
October 13, 2017

David L. Golemon Excerpt: In the Still of the Night

David L. Golemon
A supernatural thriller from the author of The Event Group series.
“Close Enough” by Shannon Baker
October 12, 2017

“Close Enough” by Shannon Baker

Shannon Baker
Read Parts 1 and 2 now!
Shannon Baker Excerpt: <i>Dark Signal</i>
October 12, 2017

Shannon Baker Excerpt: Dark Signal

Shannon Baker
Tthe second installment in the Kate Fox mystery series.
Dana Middleton Excerpt: <i>Open If You Dare</i>
October 11, 2017

Dana Middleton Excerpt: Open If You Dare

Dana Middleton
Three friends work together to solve a long-buried mystery.
Gregg Hurwitz Excerpt: <i>Last Chance</i>
October 10, 2017

Gregg Hurwitz Excerpt: Last Chance

Gregg Hurwitz
The Rain brothers fight for the survival of humanity.
Jay Bonansinga Excerpt: <i>Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury</i>
October 9, 2017

Jay Bonansinga Excerpt: Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury

Jay Bonansinga
Lilly Caul will risk everything to return home.
Steven Cooper Excerpt: <i>Desert Remains</i>
October 7, 2017

Steven Cooper Excerpt: Desert Remains

Steven Cooper
The first book in the Gus Parker and Alex Mills series.
Gregory Dowling Excerpt: <i>The Four Horsemen</i>
October 6, 2017

Gregory Dowling Excerpt: The Four Horsemen

Gregory Dowling
The second book in the Alvise Marangon Mysteries series.
Mandy Morton Excerpt: <i>Cat Among the Pumpkins</i>
October 5, 2017

Mandy Morton Excerpt: Cat Among the Pumpkins

Mandy Morton
The second book in the Hettie Bagshot Mystery series.
Tasha Alexander Excerpt: <i>Death in St. Petersburg</i>
October 4, 2017

Tasha Alexander Excerpt: Death in St. Petersburg

Tasha Alexander
The 12th book in the Lady Emily Mysteries series.
J.J. Hensley Excerpt: <i>Bolt Action Remedy</i>
October 3, 2017

J.J. Hensley Excerpt: Bolt Action Remedy

J.J. Hensley
The first book in the new Trevor Galloway Thriller series.
James Becker Excerpt: <i>The Templar Brotherhood</i>
October 2, 2017

James Becker Excerpt: The Templar Brotherhood

James Becker
The third book in the Lost Treasures of the Templar series.
Jake Burt Excerpt: <i>Greetings from Witness Protection!</i>
October 1, 2017

Jake Burt Excerpt: Greetings from Witness Protection!

Jake Burt
A humorous, middle-grade novel about a family in witness protection.
Tade Thompson Excerpt: <i>The Murders of Molly Southbourne</i>
September 30, 2017

Tade Thompson Excerpt: The Murders of Molly Southbourne

Tade Thompson
Every time she bleeds, a murderer is born.
Sarah Pinborough Excerpt: <i>13 Minutes</i>
September 29, 2017

Sarah Pinborough Excerpt: 13 Minutes

Sarah Pinborough
A psychological thriller with a killer twist.
David Wong Excerpt: <i>What the Hell Did I Just Read</i>
September 28, 2017

David Wong Excerpt: What the Hell Did I Just Read

David Wong
The third book in the John Dies at the End series.
Will Thomas Excerpt: <i>Old Scores</i>
September 27, 2017

Will Thomas Excerpt: Old Scores

Will Thomas
The ninth book in the Barker & Llewelyn series.
Chris Ewan Excerpt: <i>The Good Thief’s Guide to Murder</i>
September 26, 2017

Chris Ewan Excerpt: The Good Thief’s Guide to Murder

Chris Ewan
A Good Thief's Guide short story!
Brenda Novak Excerpt: <i>Hello Again</i>
September 25, 2017

Brenda Novak Excerpt: Hello Again

Brenda Novak
The second book in the Dr. Evelyn Talbot series.
Michelle Adams Excerpt: <i>If You Knew My Sister</i>
September 24, 2017

Michelle Adams Excerpt: If You Knew My Sister

Michelle Adams
A debut novel of psychological suspense.
Diane Chamberlain Excerpt: <i>The Stolen Marriage</i>
September 23, 2017

Diane Chamberlain Excerpt: The Stolen Marriage

Diane Chamberlain
Secrets, betrayals, prejudice, and forgiveness.
Ellie Alexander Excerpt: <i>Death on Tap</i>
September 22, 2017

Ellie Alexander Excerpt: Death on Tap

Ellie Alexander
The first in the new Sloan Krause Mystery series.
Philip Jett Excerpt: <i>The Death of an Heir</i>
September 21, 2017

Philip Jett Excerpt: The Death of an Heir

Philip Jett
A chilling true account of the Coors family’s gilded American dream & a kidnapping gone horribly wrong.
Archer Mayor Excerpt: <i>Trace</i>
September 20, 2017

Archer Mayor Excerpt: Trace

Archer Mayor
The 28th book in the Joe Gunther series.
Ronald H. Balson Excerpt: <i>The Trust</i>
September 19, 2017

Ronald H. Balson Excerpt: The Trust

Ronald H. Balson
The fourth book in the Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart series.
Andrea Kane Excerpt: <i>A Face to Die For</i>
September 18, 2017

Andrea Kane Excerpt: A Face to Die For

Andrea Kane
The sixth book in the Forensic Instincts series.
Malka Older Excerpt: <i>Null States</i>
September 14, 2017

Malka Older Excerpt: Null States

Malka Older
The second book in the Centenal Cycle series.
Cay Rademacher Excerpt: <i>Murderous Mistral</i>
September 13, 2017

Cay Rademacher Excerpt: Murderous Mistral

Cay Rademacher
A beautifully atmospheric new story featuring Capitaine Roger Blanc.
John Keyse-Walker Excerpt: <i>Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed</i>

John Keyse-Walker Excerpt: Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed

John Keyse-Walker
The second book in the Teddy Creque Mysteries series.