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<i>The 100 Year Miracle</i>: New Excerpt
May 20, 2016

The 100 Year Miracle: New Excerpt

Ashley Ream
The Miracle does things to people. Strange and mysterious things.
<i>$10,000 in Small, Unmarked Puzzles</i>: New Excerpt
January 30, 2012

$10,000 in Small, Unmarked Puzzles: New Excerpt

Parnell Hall
Baby Meets Blackmail
<i>The 14th Colony</i>: New Excerpt
March 31, 2016

The 14th Colony: New Excerpt

Steve Berry
The 11th Cotton Malone thriller!
<i>21st Century Dead</i> Anthology New Excerpt: “A Mother’s Love”
June 22, 2012

21st Century Dead Anthology New Excerpt: “A Mother’s Love”

John McIlveen
There's nothing like a mother's love...
<i>23 Shades of Black</i>: First in Series Excerpt
April 21, 2013

23 Shades of Black: First in Series Excerpt

Kenneth Wishnia
Bad Guys, Big City, and a Female Officer in the 1980s.
<i>24: Deadline</i>: New Audio Excerpt
August 4, 2014

24: Deadline: New Audio Excerpt

James Swallow
Never bet against Jack Bauer.
<i>24: Rogue</i>: New Excerpt
September 8, 2015

24: Rogue: New Excerpt

David Mack
Jack Bauer is a man with no country and plenty of enemies.
8 Presidential Mysteries
February 15, 2016

8 Presidential Mysteries

Crime HQ
<i>Above the Paw</i>: New Excerpt
December 5, 2016

Above the Paw: New Excerpt

Diane Kelly
The 5th book in the Paw Enforcement series.
Adam Abramowitz Excerpt: <i>Bosstown</i>
August 3, 2017

Adam Abramowitz Excerpt: Bosstown

Adam Abramowitz
Harrowing high speeds, desperately high stakes, and more twists than a Boston street.
Adam Christopher Excerpt: <i>Killing Is My Business</i>
July 20, 2017

Adam Christopher Excerpt: Killing Is My Business

Adam Christopher
The second book in the Ray Electromatic Mysteries series.
<i>Adnan’s Story</i>: New Excerpt
November 17, 2016

Adnan’s Story: New Excerpt

Rabia Chaudry
The Search for Truth and Injustice After Serial.
<i>The Adventuress</i>: New Excerpt
October 15, 2015

The Adventuress: New Excerpt

Tasha Alexander
Emily must employ all of her investigative skills...
<i>The Advocate’s Daughter</i>: New Excerpt
March 16, 2016

The Advocate’s Daughter: New Excerpt

Anthony Franze
Corruption all the way to the top.
<i>The Afrika Reich</i>: New Excerpt
January 28, 2013

The Afrika Reich: New Excerpt

Guy Saville
After World War II, the world reimagined...
<i>After the Fire</i>: New Excerpt
April 25, 2016

After the Fire: New Excerpt

Jane Casey
The 6th Maeve Kerrigan Novel.
<i>After the Woods</i>: New Excerpt
February 20, 2016

After the Woods: New Excerpt

Kim Savage
Are we in the clear yet, good.
<i>Against the Paw</i>: New Excerpt
May 4, 2016

Against the Paw: New Excerpt

Diane Kelly
The 4th book in the Paw Enforcement series.
<i>Age of Blood</i>: New Excerpt
October 15, 2013

Age of Blood: New Excerpt

Weston Ochse
When there's something weird in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? SEAL Team 666!
Alexander Gordon Smith Excerpt: <i>The Devil’s Engine: Hellwalkers</i>
November 3, 2017

Alexander Gordon Smith Excerpt: The Devil’s Engine: Hellwalkers

Alexander Gordon Smith
The conclusion to the explosive Devil's Engine Trilogy.
Ali Land Excerpt: <i>Good Me Bad Me</i>
August 31, 2017

Ali Land Excerpt: Good Me Bad Me

Ali Land
A dark, compelling, voice-driven debut psychological suspense thriller.
<i>Alien Hunter: Underworld</i>: New Excerpt
August 5, 2014

Alien Hunter: Underworld: New Excerpt

Whitley Strieber
While hunting murderous aliens, Flynn must face his greatest mystery: who, or what, is he?
<i>Alien Hunter: The White House</i>: New Excerpt
April 3, 2016

Alien Hunter: The White House: New Excerpt

Whitley Strieber
The 3rd Alien Hunter thriller.
<i>Alive!</i>: New Excerpt
March 29, 2013

Alive!: New Excerpt

Loren D. Estleman
Not everyone oughta be in pictures...
<i>All Is Not Forgotten</i>: New Excerpt
July 11, 2016

All Is Not Forgotten: New Excerpt

Wendy Walker
What if you could erase a horrible memory?
<i>All the Little Liars</i>: New Excerpt
September 29, 2016

All the Little Liars: New Excerpt

Charlaine Harris
The 9th book in the Aurora Teagarden Series.
<i>All the Old Knives</i>: New Audio Excerpt
March 4, 2015

All the Old Knives: New Audio Excerpt

Olen Steinhauer
The memories of a botched hostage exchange still linger...
All-American Murder: New Excerpt
August 29, 2011

All-American Murder: New Excerpt

Amber Hunt
Even the bedskirt was stained crimson.