Step 1: Hire Polish Contortionist… Step 3: Profit!

Part of an image from El Periodico by Francina Cortes/ Alex R. Fischer
Part of an image from El Periodico by Francina Cortes/ Alex R. Fischer
No doomed wise guy, the man folded inside this luggage was a criminal who pretzeled himself in and out again and again. (While researching the unfortunate story of a young MI6 codebreaker, we stumbled across this less-lethal, though reminiscent tale.)

From the site Robbed in Barcelona, we marvel at the clever immigrant contortionist who willingly secreted himself with the luggage of travelers taking a bus from the outlying airport to the Spanish city's center.

In the luggage compartment, the large bag moves, it unzips and out pops a contortionist who proceeds to open every other bag in the compartment, looking for valuables to steal. If he encounters a locked back, he has lock-picking equipment with him. On his head he wears a torch much like that used by miners.

He also carries a second bag, which he fills with anything of value he finds. On completion of his task he gets back inside his bag and zips it up.

On arrival to Barcelona, the guy upstairs in the passenger section gets off the bus and collects his two bags. He walks off, no one knows anything has happened, but every person on the bus has been robbed…

One newspaper suggested that the police were considering fining one of the two men for not having purchased a ticket before taking the trip. We’re unsure if this is a joke or not.

The rest of the diagram from El Periódico appears at the link with translations, as well as loads more information about the investigation and this criminal of astoundingly flexible morals.


  1. Kathleen Hubenschmidt

    Thank you! This one made me laugh – it also made me wonder how the one guy could “forget” to get his colleague out of the luggage compartment. Seems that would be pretty high on the Things To Do list!

  2. Clare 2e

    I feel like I need a massage just thinking about it!

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