Stay in School… Or Else!

Australia doesn't mess around, as evidenced by the macabre and Gorey-esque (not to mention criminally catchy) “Dumb Ways to Die,” a PSA for train safety.  So we shouldn't have been surprised by this latest PSA campagn against truancy… and yet. Wear something that sponges clean and hit play!

Hat tip: You know who you are, bad person.


  1. Clare 2e

    Well if it’s viral hoax, luckily, we still cover those– did you read about the [url=]Holy Foreskin[/url]? For anyone keeping track, as far as we know, “Dumb Ways to Die” is still a LEGIT PSA, and both clips, to my mind, contain helpful, solid messages. Learn to read, and don’t play on train tracks. In fact, that’s the very sentiment on a stitched pillow decorating the parlor at Crime HQ.

  2. britannyballew

    As I sad before this is a difficuld topic. There are so much hoax noverdays. Students read and watch all this crap and began to do horrible things. I think that they should better try assignment help online for australian students than try dumb way to die. Even specialists at completely agree with me. That is a serious issue folks and we have to do something with that. And what person creared this advert? Who gives money for that video?

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