Stacia Kane’s Chess Putnam: Noir Private Investigator

Double Indemnity
Can you imagine Chess Putnam in Double Indemnity?
“I told her the world was full of nice people. I’d have hated to try to prove it to her, but I said it, anyway.”

A Hell of A Woman by Jim Thompson

Many fans of Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series have likely finished the latest book in the series, Sacrificial Magic, which was released last week.

There might be spoilers ahead!

The series’ protagonist, Chess Putnam, is a Church witch, a debunker whose job is to debunk ghost sightings. Chess is very good at her job—it’s the only thing she’ll admit to being good at—but her job gets her into very sticky situations, both personally and professionally, and she makes bad choices.

How in the thorny family tree does Chess follow as a descendant of noir’s greats? You’ll know once you [read the full article at our sister site, Heroes and Heartbreakers.]

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