Spaghetti Western! (with Dogs and Vacuum, of Course)

Now, that's what we call a good ole' spaghetti western. Why yes, of course there are costumed dogs and a vacuum! If you're trying to portray true struggle, pioneering spirit, and romance, how else would you do it?

h/t: Cute Overload. We look forward to hearing about Baxter and Dixie's nominations.


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    Westerns, for those who have not seen them, are a type of movie that was popular from the 1930s-1960s. They take place in the wild west and typically have a moralistic theme. While there are many different types of Westerns, the most common type that people are familiar with is the Spaghetti Western. Spaghetti Westerns were a type of film popularized in Italy in the 1960s. They were characterized by their unique score, which often included elements of jazz and/or wah-wah guitars, a dark and gritty setting, and a nihilistic hero.

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