Sometimes It’s Kenny Chesney, Sometimes It’s Judge Judy

Judge Judy
Did I tell you you could hit your husband with a hammer? I did NOT!
The other day we brought you the story of a man who shot his son for singing Kenny Chesney.  Today we add Judge Judy to the list of riot inciters. According to The Smoking Gun,

A Florida woman who reportedly became incensed while watching TV’s Judge Judy was arrested Sunday after she allegedly struck her husband on the head with a hammer.

Yikes! Now, I am not a fan of either Judge Judy or Kenny Chesney, but these reactions do seem a bit extreme. I’m trying to imagine what my husband could do to cause me to conk him over the head with a blunt object. Oh, wait, many things. But none of them have to do with simply tuning in a TV channel or radio station.


  1. Christopher Morgan

    I don’t know, my mother’s addiction to both Judge Judy and Law and Order marathons led to many a fight over the remote. It was kind of a race to beat her to the TV sometimes…

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