Skyrim: Playing at Mass Decapitation

I’m a guy that likes video games. Of course being born in ’84 and growing up with Mario helped a bit. Some games even cater to our particular flavor of genre here at Criminal Element. Hell even Sherlock has gotten in on the gaming craze. But sometimes things just get a little creepy.

The above video is from a game called Skyrim that was recently released. It is an open world role-playing game in a fantasy setting. What is disturbing is how one intrepid user has decided to take his game time and create his own H.H. Holmes meets Jack the Ripper home of beheaded women.  I’ll defend the hobby to the death and firmly believe that games don’t make people violent, but that being said…wow, just wow.


  1. Dan Totten

    This is disgusting. I maintain a 60/40 split, men to women, on my shelves. And one goblin. Nasty brute.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    @proctor –

    Do you dust regularly? I hear those goblins are real dirt magnets.

  3. Christopher Morgan

    See Laura the goblins aren’t the problem, no hair. A lot of people overlook the importance of proper cadaver styling when creating a house of horrors, its why I outsource all my victims to a mortician. That way you know you’re getting quality work.

  4. Clare 2e

    This dust convo reminds me of another disgusting thing I heard– did you hear that house dust is mostly human skin with a sprinkling of stardust?–really, cosmic dust.

    @whereisproctor Good job maintaining a little variety.

  5. Laura K. Curtis

    @cmorgan –
    It’s not the hairs I worry about, it’s the wrinkles. Maybe that’s why it’s always young people on display-fewer crevices for the dust to get caught in.

    @clare –
    I have heard that, too, which begs the question: why do they call them “dust bunnies” when clearly they’re dust *babies.* Or, in my house, dust linebackers.

  6. Dan Totten

    @Laura When the goblin gets dusty I get rid of him and slay a fresh one. Much easier than dusting.

  7. Laura K. Curtis

    @proctor –

    Oh, good idea!

  8. Mr.Lee

    Oh God! What am I doing? I was browsing Youtube for a Skyrim video and then, I ended up here. By the Divines! Have mercy on my soul ..

  9. Clare 2e

    Obviously, your “persuasion” skills are neglected, Mr. Lee. We’re not buying that for a moment!

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