Sins as Scarlet by Nicolas Obregon: A Visual Guide

GIFnotes: Giving you the basic plot summary of an upcoming book with the help of the Graphics Interchange Format.

Sins as Scarlet by Nicolas Obregon is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Blue Light Yokohama, where Inspector Iwata investigates a murder case in his new home of Los Angeles—take a visual tour with GIFnotes!

After a brutal investigation ripped apart his life, Kosuke Iwata quit both his job as a detective with the Tokyo Police Department…

And his country, leaving Japan for the sunnier shores of Los Angeles, California.

But, although he’s determined to leave his past behind, murder still follows him.

Having set up shop as a private investigator…

Iwata is approached by someone from his old life.

Her daughter has been killed and the case has gone cold.

Out of loyalty, Iwata agrees to take on the case and reinvestigate the homicide.

However, what seems initially like a cold-blooded but simple murder takes a complex turn when a witness, a vagrant, recalls the killer’s parting words: “I’m sorry.”

From the depths of Skid Row…

To the fatal expanse of the Sonoran Desert…

Iwata tracks the disparate pieces of a mysterious and heartbreaking puzzle.

But the more he unearths…

The more complex this simple act of murder becomes.

Lives untangle, fates converge, and blood is spilled as Inspector Iwata returns.

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