Should I watch?: The Episode Two Test, Part 3

[note from CrimeHQ:  We’ve had our beady eyes on some of the new series like paranormal police procedural Grimm, Marine (turned terrorist?) versus CIA in thriller Homeland, and the kitchen sink of crazy that is American Horror Story. If you haven’t jumped into any of these yet, or made up your mind whether they’re keepers, maybe Rachel’s ratings will help you decide whether to set to record or hit delete.]

In the first two installments of The Episode 2 Test (Part 1; Part 2), I covered the previous fifteen pilots I had assayed so far this fall season. Of those, eight passed and were added to my already-overburdened TV viewing schedule, and since then I am gradually reconsidering my original stance against Suburgatory, given the praise being heaped upon it by my less instantly dismissive acquaintance.

Of the shows I covered, cancelations so far include Charlie’s Angels (FAIL) and Free Agents (PASS), though Pan AM (FAIL) and Prime Suspect (FAIL) are also looking like they could soon follow. I now turn my attention to the remaining six new shows I decided to try out this season. This is how they fared…

For the rest of the show-by-show Episode Two Test, see our sister romance blog, Heroes and

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