Sherlock: A Love Story

In a total misreading of the BBC hit…or not…a South Korean channel, OCN ran trailers for Sherlock, with a little editing.

For those of you who are Sherlock and Watson shippers, you might want to tune into the OCN run of the show because who knows where else the editors will take the plot line—will Moriarty be the interloper that breaks these two apart? Is Mycroft actually an interfering, matchmaking brother? The trailers were shared late last week on Buzzfeed and I absolutley fell in love with it, right along with John and Sherlock! See the above video for two season 1 trailers with some perfect Watlock moments and a reimagining of season 2!


  1. Clare 2e

    Hilarious, Jenn! I hadn’t seen these clips–they are amazing. More 90s love songs, please, or perhaps Endless Love… Sherlock’s a Rorschach test.

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