Serial Killer Calling Cards: Winners Revealed!

Serial killers, for better or for worse, are some of the more infamous characters in history. As fascination mixes with fear, the gruesome and torturous killings become the stuff of nightmares. We don't want to see, but we can't look away.

Often, the killers revel in the spotlight — it's what drives them. Some even go so far as to taunt the police, the media, and the public with “calling cards” left at the scene to “mark” their kill.

And after reading Spencer Kope's Collecting the Dead, this got us thinking about all these other notorious characters, both real and fictitious, and their calling cards.

So, we asked YOU, the readers, to tell us what would be your calling card—and let me say, your answers were very creative! We had everything from killer grannies to red-eyed gnomes to ladybugs to an evil Chilly Willy.

However, there could only be 3 winners.

CrimeHQ Reader's Serial Killer Calling Cards

Todd Henson (thedelfrog) – The Starling

Kills young actors/actresses on the verge of stardom. Leaves behind the feather of a starling tucked behind the victim's ear.

Barbara Khan (leftyonkey) – The Broadway Belter

Dresses up as various characters from Broadway musicals and crime spree hits all the cities with top theaters for musicals. Bodies are found in and around the theater districts. Clues are playbills, musical scores, and pages torm from scripts.

L (lstirling) – The Matchstick Killer

I would leave a burnt generic wooden match, maybe over their heart, to represent the life snuffed out. Imagine the headlines: “Matchstick Killer Strikes Again!”, “Police Are No Match for the Matchstick Killer!”, “Killer Sticks It to Police!”, “Another Life Snuffed Out by the Matchstick Killer!”, “The Matchstick Killer Burns Police Again!” Hahaha. Got to love the puns!

In addition to a custom-made calling card, the winners will also receive a copy of Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope! Thanks for all of the submissions, and congratulations to the winners!


To learn more or order a copy of Collecting the Dead, visit:

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  1. Spencer Kope

    Congratulations to the winners 🙂
    Hope you enjoy Collecting the Dead.

  2. Todd Henson

    I’m looking forward to reading the book. And the artist(s) did a great job on the cards. They’re fantastic. Thanks for the sweepstakes!

  3. CindyKerschner

    Love these calling cards! So creative!

  4. L

    I’m very excited to win this book. Can’t wait to start reading it! Love the calling cards, they’re perfect. Thank you for making your book available Mr. Kope, and thank you to Criminal Element!

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