Salma Hayek, Modern Femme Fatale?

Don’t mess with me...
Don’t mess with me…
The drug thriller Savages, based on the book by Don Winslow, is just a little more than a week away from its cinematic debut and the Internet is soaking up images of Salma Hayek as femme fatale-cum-drug lord. Hayek, who in recent years I’ve associated more with family-friendly roles than the Oscar-nominated intense characters for which she became famous, resumes her more dramatic presence as the queen of a Mexican drug cartel.

For those of you who read the book, you know the plot is certainly edgy. Hayek’s targets in the film are two drug dealers, Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch). They are running a successful marijuana operation in California and Hayek’s cartel wants in. Hayek snatches Ben and Chon’s shared girlfriend to get leverage on the pair and make them move out of her way. They don’t take very kindly to the threat and, soon, all hell breaks loose.

Even in the trailers Hayek’s character, Elena, comes through as ruthless, a woman in a man’s world. What makes Hayek even stronger is her male counterpart and enforcer played by Benicio Del Toro—a character who makes you wonder just how crazy he is and how long it will take before he snaps. You gotta love a woman who can muzzle a creature like that and look awesome doing it.

So, are you going to go see Savages when it comes out? Did you read the book?


  1. Carmen Pinzon

    I am curious about this movie, but I think I’ll wait to get some reviews first.

  2. Jennifer Proffitt

    Yeah, I think this movie is one that I’m going to wait on a little too. It looks good and I love all the actors involved (not including Blake Lively who I’m not a fan of outside of the Traveling Pants series), but I can see it becoming a flop. I’m interested, but cautious!

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