Robert Durst was Reading about Himself before Arrest

Robert Durst, the subject of the HBO documentary The Jinx, directed by Andrew Jarecki, was arrested over the weekend in New Orleans for the murder of longtime friend Susan Berman. According to NBC News, a subsequent search of Durst's Houston home revealed among other things, a copy of Without a Trace: Inside the Robert Durst Case by Marion Collins, a book published back in 2002 after Durst killed, dismembered, and dumped a body in the Galveston Bay in Texas. Was Durst brushing up on the evidence against him? Or, did he love being in the spotlight {as evidenced by The Jinx) and did he revel in reading about himself? Perhaps we'll find out soon.

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Here's a bit from Chapter 1 of Without a Trace:

Back East, Bobby's upper-crust friends and family could scarcely believe their eyes as they unrolled their morning papers and were met by the picture of the scruffy-looking real-estate heir and read the horrific charges against him. How, they asked, as they poured their first cups of coffee in their luxurious Fifth Avenue apartments and their million-dollar suburban mansions, had it come to this? Bobby Durst was one of them, born into wealth, and his already huge family fortune had more than doubled in the last twenty years. He'd had a first-class education and had been blessed by a good brain, above average looks and a lively intelligence. Hadn't he married that pretty young wife, and whatever happened to her, anyway? How could he possibly have killed an old man and then hacked off his head and his limbs? His mugshot was decorating the New York papers, and worse, he'd gone on the lam. Now his face was on the FBI's wanted list and displayed in post offices. How did he sink to this?

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