Robber Runs into Cop Car After Trying to Rob Bank

This week’s perp derp is an unlucky fella who should have stayed home instead of trying to rob a bank in Long Island, NY on Saturday.

Here is how suspect Prince Conteh’s day unfolded: First, while sticking up a bank, he was confronted by a very stubborn teller who simply refused to give him any money. Nope. None. Notta. The teller even refused to let him behind the counter, and not even the suspect's shiney shotgun that he brandished could change the teller’s mind. How rude, right? 

Next, according to Newsday, police said an extremely frustrated Conteh fled the bank, only to learn he had to swerve his get-away car around an arriving patrol cruiser. However, he failed at this task and crashed into the cruiser before smashing into a pole. D’oh!

After the double-crash, Conteh tried to run away from the scene on foot, but was quickly caught, thanks to local residents.

His unlucky four–peat adventure produced charges of first-degree attempted robbery and second-degree assault. I think he should have just stayed home and watched some cartoons.

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