Robber Gets Wedged in Air Duct

This week's perp derp found himself in a real tight spot. A man was arrested after getting wedged in an air duct while attempting to rob a pizza joint in New York.

According to UPI, David Reed—the owner of a business located next to the pizza shop—was in a festive mood hanging up Christmas lights when he heard someone caroling frantically. Okay, maybe caroling isn't the right word—it was more of a screaming for someone to help him get out.

Reed responded to the screams by asking, “Where are you?” And with answers as good as ideas, the perp yelled again: “Get me out of here!”

After calling the local authorities, the deputies who were dispatched found 53-year-old Richard Graham stuck in an air vent directly above a pizza oven. It took the Fire Department about 20 minutes to cut Graham out of the vent. Embarrassing, I am sure.

Graham was transported to the local hospital for a some minor injuries where he was treated and released. He was arraigned on charges of 3rd degree burglary, 2nd degree criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools. He also caused more than $2,000 in damages to the pizzeria.

Weird. Now I'm hungry for a slice…

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