Real Numbers, Fictional Men

The muddied and unfinished manuscript of The First Man was found at the site of the car accident that killed Albert Camus. Perhaps this incomplete masterpiece left the world so existentially thirsty that it was woven into a trend in the world of crime fiction.  Let's look at some that came before and after. . .

“The Second Man” appears on procedural drama, The District (Season 3, Episode 7).

The Third Man is a 1949 British film noir piece.

The Fourth Man is a 1983 Dutch psychological thriller.

“The Fifth Man” emerges from FBI thriller Numb3rs (Season 5, Episode 20).

Cover of The Sixth Man by David Baldacci
The Sixth Man by David Baldacci
So how many more men do we need? At least one more! The Sixth Man is a legal thriller in which two private investigators assist in the defense of an alleged serial killer while trying to find the real murderer. It is the latest opus from best-selling author David Baldacci, whose wildly popular debut novel Absolute Power was adapted into a 1997 film starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. He has written 15 number-one bestsellers since then.

Now that's talent we can count on.