Quickdraw: Internet Movie Firearms Database?

That's a nice piece you got there, pilgrim.
That’s a nice piece you got there, pilgrim.

Ever wonder what gun was used in your favorite film or TV show? Do you ever wish you were that person who knew the 1874 gun couldn’t have been used in that movie that took place in 1850? Well, there’s a resource now that can help you!

The website is called the Internet Movie Firearms Database. It’s named after the Internet Movie Database and looks like Wikipedia…for guns. You can research firearms by gun (to see if a specific gun is featured in different movies). You can search by movie (look up Clint Eastwood and you can search all of his movies to find out what guns he used). You can also search by manufacturer, and the database even includes video games and TV shows. It’s the weapons aficionado meets the film buff’s dream!

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